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You grab your tool bag and climb out the window.


Your tool bag contains items such as a very thin but hard club (a present from your sensei after your third year), a bird call, your face mask and some clothed shoes to soften the sound of your footfall.


You climb up the building onto the roof to survey the area. You look around, and see no other people around the place, you also sense no-one around, but you have to cautious, or someone will see you.


You scale back down the building onto the ground, and silently run towards your goal. You see another person, but his back is towards you. You walk up behind him and give him a swift thump on the head with your club. He goes down like a ton of bricks, but more quietly. You cleverly hide the body in the bushes and continue in your quest.


You see the basement entrance, with someone guarding it. Do you take out the guard? Or do you distract him and sneak in when he has left his post?

Written by underdrag on 19 July 2006

Both Try Some Deception
Both Cause a Distraction in the stables

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