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You looked to the rushing river nearby and took in the sound of the rushing water. It was only a small babbling brooke, though it stretched for longer than your eyes could see. There was no telling where it would take you, but like a gentle leaf, your mind was swept away by what could have been on the inside. As your eyes scanned around once again, your eyes caught a couple sitting by the calm flowing river and laughing as their casted lines drug steadily in the clear sparkling water.
“Why don’t we go fishing?” you said as you shot the stranger a smile. He returned it politely and nodded before walking ahead of you, and gesturing for you to follow. To your surprise, he was walking in the opposite direction from the river. “Uhh.” you said in an attempt to catch his attention again. “Isn’t fishing…?”
“We still have to get some gear silly!” he replied, cutting you off, and causing your face to flush red yet again. “We can go by my place to get some extra gear, what do you think about that?” You took a moment to think about it; soon the answer was clear to you.

Written by Driftingdragon on 26 August 2020

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