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You swim there, pondering your choice, for a long moment. You could go right toward the gloomy murk, to potentially a shipwreck. But, in the end, you feel that it might be safer if you go toward something potentially less dark and foreboding, so you opt to go left instead, and begin to swim toward the shoreline.


After all, you think, a shipwreck could be dangerous. There’s no telling what could live in murky water you can’t see very well in.


As you do, you imagine that the shoreline might hold some key to get out of here. Perhaps it will even lead to a way to get out of this bizarre shark costume - though now it feels more like an actual new skin than anything.


You make it to the shoreline and begin to walk up.


The shift from underwater to land is an odd one - you can feel yourself breathing normally from your nose rather than the gills on your neck - but it’s not an uncomfortable one. You walk up the warm yellow sand, the coarsness strange, but not uncomfortable enough that you want to jump back into the water, and soon find yourself standing on a massive island!


You gaze about it - it looks like a tropical island out of a TV show like Survivor, or some island-themed movie. It is lush and green, filled with trees, some of which seem to stretch endlessly toward the sky. You can see plenty of big bushes, and a handful of random boulders here and there, yet you see no signs of life beyond the plants.


How odd, you think. You notice that the sky stretches on above you, and it feels like you’re actually outside rather than inside. The sky is blue and beautiful, there are clouds everywhere, and there is a very pleasant breeze that brushes against your skin. It is soothing - you take a moment to soak it in, before you turn your attention onward.


There is no sense in standing around, you tell yourself.

Written by Hollowpages on 10 May 2019

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