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As the blinding white light dissipated, you found yourself standing on the outskirts of a humble village. The air was filled with the familiar scents of nature, and the surroundings were populated by beings with three canine heads like your own.


The villagers approached you, their three heads nodding in unison, as if they had been expecting your arrival. Through a combination of barks, growls, and a unique telepathic communication, they conveyed that a place had been prepared for you.


Feeling a mix of bewilderment and resignation, you followed their lead. The village was charming, with quaint houses and streets bustling with Cerberuses going about their daily lives. As you walked, you couldn't help but marvel at the coordinated movements of the three-headed beings, each head seemingly in sync with the others.


They guided you to a cozy dwelling, your new home for the foreseeable future. The interior was surprisingly accommodating to your three-headed form, with low-hanging beds, bowls for water and food, and a spacious backyard where you could move freely.


The elders, with wisdom etched into the lines of their canine faces, stepped forward. Their three heads spoke in unison, thanking you for the letter you had sent ahead of your arrival. They explained that, upon receiving your message, they had taken great care to set up the house to suit your needs.


As the villagers expressed their gratitude for the letter you supposedly sent, confusion crept into your thoughts. You puzzled over the idea of a letter, as you had no recollection of ever sending such a message. The forces that had orchestrated your transformation had been mysterious and enigmatic, did it also send the letter?


It was an odd and surreal realization – that the very transformation that reshaped you into a three-headed being had, in some unexplained way, also communicated your desires for a comfortable dwelling and a welcoming community. The intricate dance of fate and magic left you both amazed and unsettled.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, the village came alive with a communal celebration. The air echoed with joyous barks and howls, and you found yourself engaged in the festivities.

Written by - on 02 February 2024

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