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“Okay so, your parents never taught you about Zip-Zap-Zop?” your tone seemed a bit angry with the pup. Even if you weren’t he could clearly sense your own frustration. All you wanted to do was care for children, so you tried to speak out every chance you had against any injustices you’d find yourself struggling with as an adversity.
You approached the child and the others scattered, laughing and giggling as they all fled like wild animals. The only one remaining was young Greyson, confused and afraid, clearly he didn’t understand what was going on, yet he still got some kind of notion that you were helping him. The young boy was completely confused about the situation, yet you continued to try assisting his understanding. “How often do you spend time with your parents kiddo?”
You pressed on, focusing only on trying to connect with the young kid, but unbeknownst to you, Greyson was already tuning out. Something about your lack of expertise caused you to completely disregard the clear signs the young child was showing. Yet he went along anyway, as a child, he only wanted to satisfy you and the others.
Before you knew it, you were approached by his parents, to them, you had stuck yourself in a sticky situation. Clearly you had overstepped your boundaries, disciplining another parent’s child. They looked aggressive and defensive, they didn’t even know you!
“Excuse me, but what are you doing with our child?!” An angry mother began at you. At once, you realized what you were witnessing. Both of Greyson’s parents were clearly Karens; you instantly realized your career was over before it had even begun.
“We’re going to have to report you to your manager! Who is she?!” the father demanded. Your mind raced, you didn’t even HAVE a manger yet.
“Uhh… I…” Your ears laid flat against your head in embarrassment, your face was flushing a hot reddish color as you failed to maintain eye contact with the angry couple. “I don’t have a supervisor.” You told the truth. No use in lying, that’d only get you in more trouble.
“OH! I NEVER!” The mother Karen screeched! “Okay that’s it! Taking Greyson out of this insane institution! First there was the reform, now they’re letting strangers in with our kids! How far will this regime go for money anyway?!” She ranted about something far past you. Apparently, you couldn’t even handle a child, much less the obscure and confusing politics of this world. Your head began to spin and it felt like you were about to pass out.
Suddenly, you felt a hard grasp around your arm. It was the father.
“I got this, we’ll get her out ourselves!” They escorted you uncomfortably out, you struggled to shuffle half side-ways as he awkwardly dragged you out.
“Hey! Ouch! I can walk! Aah! On my own!” You tripped over yourself even more clumsily than the children from earlier, yet the piercing eyes of the public seemed to beat you down the most as you walked the path you just came.
“BAN HER! BAN HER! SHE HURTS CHILDREN!” they screamed and pointed at you as you were taken past the door people. The crowd had their phones out recording the incident, tears silently trailed down your cheeks as you were removed over a mere assumption. Maybe you shouldn’t have come off so strong earlier? Did you even go to orientation? Maybe there’s some other piece of information you’re missing here?

Written by DriftingDragon on 02 July 2021

The end (for now)

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