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Suddenly, a missile lands less than a mile away from where everyone is milling. Explosions ripple over the land surface, knocking the weak or unsteady to their knees. There's a mixture of cries, squeals, and murmurs of confusion and fear.


"Attack! We're under attack!" You see that the missile had been a mere distraction as another ship sweeps in, landing and spilling out leaping forms. You see them dark against the backdrop of a lush, green landscape already blackened and tarnished by what's happened.


Chaos spills forth. The civilians and survivors weren't prepared for an attack while the fighters among them are too few to juggle the crowd, with their fear and their herd mentality. The attackers pour forth while more missle shoot into the surface in the distance, clearing other locations on their thinning map. You rush forward, fearless with the knowledge that death will only bring you a new costume. You crash into attackers, thrashing your body with the rage and control of a teenager, unaware of your body but so powerful regardless. The blades on your arms rips through the air, propelled forward with massive paws ripping into the ear. Claws fly up, knocking the others to the ground.


But it's not enough.


Beside you in the fray, you see the other tigress, the one from your ship whose stomach sags with child. She stands above a crowd of frightened children, orphans from the destroyed homes and she wields a blasting weapon. It's shots ring out each second, taking out one attacker after another, but it's not enough. The others swarm around her. You can't get there in time, even with dirt flying behind your paws and all four legs rushing together in unison so that you leap across the earth instead of running. Even that, you just get there in time to see her crumple, coat shredded where a ragged weapon had sliced forward.


A week is too long to wait for the true Anyaka to return. You know, in that moment, with battle raging all around you that a choice is in your lap. Will you stay in this place? Take on the responsibilities of a race and a gender not your own. Will you be thrust into this waring, surviving place for a chance to redeem their races? Blood races down your chest, pooling in the fur at your waist, practically staining it.


No matter how many enemies you can kill for them, you still have a choice.


Will you stay here, become a pilot and mother in one and be trapped in this strange land, strange life, and alien form for the entire pregnancy (as any change in species would take you away, thus leaving the child stranded from its place and discounting their breed counts anyways) or will you suffer through your week before changing to something new, something else?

Written by Picklessauce69 on 25 October 2015

Both Change Right Away
Both Stay Through Pregnancy

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