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You ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog... star star star star halfstar

You look at the strange machine wondering if it can really do what it says it can. You push a green button on the machine and it asks you to choose the region you wish to visit.




"Please state the number of the species you want to be."


"Umm..." You had a hard time trying to remember the numbers. You have a hard enough time even remembering the names of all four-hundred-something Pokemon. "229" You say, picking your number at random.


Not wanting to ruin your clothes, you take them off as the machine then generates a dark spherical aurora, which envelops you and quickly, yet painlessly, changes you.


Your hands and feet change into paws as your body reshapes for quadruped walking. Your spine lengthens, causing you to grow a spade tipped tail. Your hair turns pitch black and you grow a lot more of it all over your body. As your neck changes to let you see better in your new form, a collar of sorts appears on your neck, with an ornament shaped disturbingly like a human skull.


Your own skull changes shape drastically, growing curling horns and dog's snout.


While your head changes, your mind is undergoing slight changes a well. While your human personality and memories are mostly intact, your memory of growing up as a human, learning to walk on two legs, how to do fractions, and being taught that violence never helps anything, grow faint (But are still there) and are replaced with memories of walking on four legs, how to control fire and dark matter, and that killing is necessary to survive. (Be it for self-defense, or to get food.)


The transformation is complete. A portal to Johto will be open for one earth hour or until you pass through it. You will have to wait twenty-four hours before you may go to another reality or transform again. The machine says in a typical monotone computer-y sounding voice.


Glad you can still understand English you walk to the nearest reflective surface, a window in your house. You have a hard time believing you transformed, but all the evidence is right there in front of you. (And technically encompassing all of your physical body as well.) It takes you a little time to remember the name of the pokemon you've become, then hits you like a mach punch. Houndoom, the Dark and Fire type dog.


You have to admit, in spite of your normally modest nature, that you look good for a Houndoom, though your horns seem a bit shorter than normal. You decide to howl, simply to hear what you sound like now before you head to Johto. You do so, and then notice that outside several animals, including 'Normal' dogs are running as far as they can from your house. Seems you forgot about Houndoom's ability to frighten other creatures. Not delaying any more you hop into the portal.


It's pretty much like portals in the sci-fi novels, a long colorful tube with various travelers flying past you. Some you recognize, most you don't.


When you finally get to the end of the line you gently dropped on the path between Ecruteak City and Mt. Motar.


Then you smell something that scares you. One of the few things that won't run from your howls: A wild Machamp. And it sees you.


So what are you gonna do?

Written by Lost on 19 May 2007

The end (for now)
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