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“I gotta just get out of here!” He didn't hesitate another second. Instead, he just stumbled around in a circle and started towards the door. He stumbled, unsure how to wield this form. The legs felt like they were going to tangle together. But, slowly, he began to understand how they worked together.


Hitting the pavement, Dan looked one way and then the other, struggling to pick a direction when he had no goal in mind. But, before he truly decided, a group of children spotted him with a chorus of awed gasps. “A pony!”


“No! A unicorn!”


“Magical!” They all hurried towards him, laying gentle hands on his flank, petting curious and gentle. They swarmed all around Dan, the little girl’s eyes all huge on their small, heart-shaped faces.


“Wow! It’s a real unicorn!”


“T-their hah-horns are s-s-supuh-possed to be mah-magical!” One girl stammered, stuttering out the sounds with a slowing impediment. Dan bent, captivated with the wonder he saw on these girl’s faces. As the horn lowered, the shy, stuttering girl reached out, running a hand along it’s length over the woven cords of hard pearly, horn.


“Legend says they heal things.” Dan blinked, looking to check it was the same girl. It was, yet her voice held none of the same limitations.


“Did I do that?” he thought, suddenly amazed with this form he’d woken up in.


One girl, lingering back, rushed up to him at the sight of this miracle. “M-Mr. Corn! It’s true! You’re magic! You have to help me!” She requested shyly, but with hope ringing out in her voice. “My momma’s sick. You have to heal her too!”


Dan looked down, drinking in the sight of her huge, hopeful eyes peering up at him like he held all the world in his palm. His heart ached for her, the way so much hope rested solely on him, but what could it hurt to go try? Maybe the magic was real, but she’s just a girl and the first girl could have been some placebo or just happenstance. He has answers to go find!

Written by Picklessauce69 on 26 April 2016

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