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You're intrigued and tap "FEMALE".


Even more impressive is the form of the fox as if seems to expand, pick itself up, and walk upright on two legs. The muzzle flattens somewhat while the chest naturally expands. The hair takes on a decidedly human appearance as strands of reddish-brown seem to drape across her back. It's weird, there's no denying it. If it wasn't for the tail, fur, eyes.. well, the whole thing really... you decide you would never want to meet her in a dark alley. She's not ugly, quite the contrary, just really not your type. Or species. This whole thing is creeping you out.


Three buttons appear:


You chuckle as you realize there is no longer an option for gender. You utter your common word for bad times such as these.

Written by minerva on 05 December 2008

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