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The infirmary and the dyeing of tunics emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Eventually you go to the village's infirmary and sit down to talk with Daru. You learn more about his childhood, and his life as a hunter, while telling him all sorts of stories from your home town making them sound like children's tales. He laughs at the funnier ones, shakes his head at the sadder ones, and smirks slightly at the ones where the supposed hero makes it out on top. You never let him know that the hero was you in the past, but you do imply that there is at least some truth in your stories. He smiles at you and thanks you for spending the day with him. You smile and say it's not a problem then turn and head back to your home, as the sun is already starting to set and you're getting tired. When you get there it's completely empty.
You smile and plop down on your bed enjoying the privacy then hear the sound of a large area going up in flames. You run outside then sigh softly when you see it's just the bonfire and grab some food before going back to your room, planning on spending the night alone. You sit in your room and review the last few days as you eat, and wonder what the village has planned for tomorrow. After a while Ronas shows up with a bottle of wine and the two of you drink together musing on the hunt you had the other day, and Daru's condition. After about two hours, the two of you exchange farewells and Ronas goes off to the infirmary to sleep with Daru. As soon as he's gone you lie down on your cot and slip into an exhausted sleep wondering what tomorrow will bring.
The following morning you're awoken at dawn by a pair of weavers. They smile politely and offer to show you some of the more feminine trades of the village. You sigh and get up then follow them to the weaving huts where they show you how they extract dyes from different berries and fruits. They then show you how they make fabric by cutting different leaves from some of the larger trees into strips and slowly weaving them together into simple breeches, tunics, and even boots. After a bit one of the weavers mentions something about leather workers and the other girl's shush her then they sit you down and have you dye one of the tunics a deep blue.

Written by Jake Shadow Wolf on 07 January 2013

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