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You throw yourself to the air, stroking your wings with full force as he keeps unleashing thunder and fire to scare the creatures away. You dodge the fire with grace and bank tightly to avoid the lightning. The smell of burning feathers fill your nose, but you can’t stop now.


He conjures sharp shards of glacial ice in a torrent against you, but you simply close your wings tightly and fall the last meters. The sharp ice draws blood from you, cuts deep into your skin and feathers, but you are stronger than that.


You pounce the wizards with all your force, tackling him to the ground and easily breaking his wands as he keeps trying to draw them. Others creatures begin to approach, to lock him into place.


The sound of the sirens was almost lost amidst the confusion.


Fortunately as you and your friends discovered as the first confused cops entered the scene, bullets were of little harm to your new bodies.

Written by Ashley-natter on 02 March 2017

Both Several months later

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