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You wake up in a partially dark room, light streaming in through the gaps in the blinds. There is no blanket covering you but you find that you do not feel cold. You sit up on the bed and rub your face and it takes but a few seconds to realise it’s covered in fur.


With a start, you begin to recall what happened to you while you stare are your furry, paw-like hands, the fingers tipped with sheathed claws. You recall sneaking into an abandoned theatre in the lower-downtown area and putting on a weird-smelling tiger suit. After zipping it up, the suit shrunk to fit tightly against your skin, becoming one with your skin. Your body changed as well, your limbs changing shape and a tail sprouted and grew from the base of your spine. Before the transformation was complete, even your gender changed to that of a female, with breasts growing from your chest. After that you remember nothing but waking up in your bed.


You feel less panicked after recalling what happened and you take a look around the room you’re in. Something makes you feel that it’s familiar and after a moment’s scrutiny you realise it’s your bedroom, but you’re not sure why, or how, you know that.


Feeling puzzled, you decide to get up and look around to see what else is supposedly yours. In the adjacent wall is a closet filled with clothes that you recognise as your own and in the bedside table you find a leather money pouch filled with coins. This you also know to be yours, but you are still unsure how.


With a shrug you decide to see what else is in the house. After few minutes’ exploration you discover a small sitting room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom, all the blinds on the windows down. With each room you open the blinds, letting the bright sunlight in, brightening up the gloomy rooms and illuminating furniture you know to be yours but at the same time is not yours.


All of a sudden there is a loud growl that echoes throughout the house and you jump at the sound. While looking around with nervous eyes you hear it again but simultaneously feel your stomach growl, causing you to sigh in relief.


“All this is mine, correct?” you wonder out loud. “So it shouldn’t be a problem if I eat the food and even if it is then I could always get more with that money in my room...”


With that you nod your head and walk towards the small kitchen. Inside you note that there is a small hearth with a fire burning merrily within. On the wall above the hearth you note pots and pans and cooking implements. “I suppose I’ll have to somehow make something, judging from this weird setting...” you mumble, suddenly not feeling like putting in this much effort but your stomach growls again and you decide that the effort should be worth it.

Written by green-eyedtiger on 06 July 2017

Exporing the House

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