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The train trundles down the tunnel while the male begins his explanation.


"Last time they came we were unprepared. Our cities were burnt to the ground and we were scatted. We were scatted until a bunch of you costumed people arrived. They were able to rally us and we were able to get weapons and drive them off.


We have been working to be prepared if they came back. First thing we did was too build shelters." The train stops "Here is the entry to one of them."


The wall slides open and he assists you off the train and into the shelter. "Is their any more?" the officer asks.


He shakes his head. The tunnel collapsed behind her.


"What are you doing with the train?" you ask.


"Don't worry, it has been sent down the line to the military, they can make use of it down their."

Written by catprog on 20 March 2018


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