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You trot down the path. It runs parallel to the beach for a few miles but you are able to cover it in a short time. The sun began to set and the shadows of the rocks along the beach began to stretch across the path. The scent your horse nose has picked up grew stronger and there seems to be an energy in the air. After a few hours you find that it splits, one way continues down the beach and the other goes between two hills into a forest. You look between them, thinking for a moment. Had anyone been viewing this from the path they would have only seen a silhouette of a horse against the horizon. The energy and scent is coming from the path that leads away from the beach. You turn down it and walk into the woods. The path becomes paved and smooth. There a lanterns giving off a bluish white light along the path. The energy grows stronger and your tails swishes with anticipation. Your hooves make a silent clip-clop sound on the paved road. The air becomes cooler. After a few minutes of silence you can hear humming, the humming at first faint but as you trot along it grows louder. You see a clearing at the end of the path. The humming begins to reverberate through your entire being. You come to the entrance of the clearing and see another horse being bathed in light.
The humming becomes more defined. You look around to see many male beings standing on an amphitheatre like structure. The humming is come from them. Each is holding a staff upright with both their hands; light and mist of many colors swirls around their staffs. You see in the arena like structure, where the other horse is, there are 7 female robed beings. The humming reaches its apex and lightning shoots from one of the male robed being’s staff to the others until it forms a circle. The humming then became quieter. The females raised their staffs and seemed to sing an opera, except it was beautiful beyond any opera you have heard. When their song had finished a bluish mist formed around the female’s staffs and envelops the horse. You can still see the horse’s silhouette in the light. It is quickly becoming human. After a few minutes the mist fades and a human falls to the ground stands up bows and leaves through the opposite end. There is a gust of wind and the light fades and all but one of the beings disappears. You stand dumbfounded for a moment not being able to believe what you just saw. But after a few moments you shake your head, you were turned into a horse and now you just found someone who could possible turn you back. You whinny in excitement and trot to the being almost breaking into a gallop. The being turns around holds his staff horizontally. You are stopped by some unknown force. The being is one of the males and his hood blocks his eyes.
“I suppose you want to become human as well.” Said the being
You quickly nod. Or at least as close to a nod as you can get.
“There is something you must do for us. There is a cave down that path through that door, you must navigate your way through it. There are random trials and tests in it that change each time someone goes through it. There are no transformation points in that cave, though there may be a risk for age regression and that we will not change (referring to the age they will still change you back to human). Do this and we will consider changing you back” said the being pointing to a door you did not see before. The monk lowers his staff and you are released. He turns his back to you, obviously in deep thought. You look towards the door then back the way you came.
So will you go through a cave of questions?


Written by Hnhn on 16 July 2009

The end (for now)

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