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Your humble attitude about this quickly showed your sibling how willing you were to at least learn a bit more about his plans. His droning voice continued to lecture you on and on about possibilities, what brought him here, your parents, all sorts of things that your mind wasn’t fully ready to take in at the moment. Regardless of this, you mentally pressed on. It wasn’t before long until you began to fully absorb his words, your eyes lit up, you began to breathe heavily as you realized that the kingdom was in grave danger, not from just the neighboring kingdoms, but from your brother as well.
As you walked alongside him, you realized that his plan was a bit more sinister than you could have imagined, though you were unsure about how you felt having to deal with your sibling in such a different yet alternate light, something about it fascinated you. How much more of this could you take?

Written by Driftingdragon on 14 May 2020

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