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“Shouldn't you go after her?” Dan asked. Feeling this awkward tension in the air was making her fur stand up on end.


“Why?” David snorted. Hunching over his phone and very interested in whatever game was beeping.


“Because she's our friend and you pissed her off?” Dan said hoping for the easy route.


“Well I'm pissed too.” David remained unmoved.


“How big is this big?” Gassen asked not missing a beat in their conversation. It was almost comforting. How this was so much like before and nothing had changed with her transformation.




“Guys?” Dan waved a hand in front of Jake and Gassen. Both gave her the what do you want face and Dan nodded towards David; who was sulking like a child.


“Do you want to get laid?” Jake said


“What?” Dan, David and Gassen said in unison at Jake's random question.


“You like Pam. You want Pam. You want to get it on with Pam.” Jake said ticking off his statements in his free hand. “Am I wrong?” Jake asked with a quirk brow.


“No,” David said his eyes looking over Jake.


“Pam is a girl. Girls care about feelings.” Jake looked at Dan. Dan nodded. Agreeing with Jake so far. “Feelings hurt. She hates you. Hating you she chooses to move on. That guy get laid. You get marked by the cheering squad as an ass and never get laid until college.”


“College?” Dan asked. Wasn't Jake stretching it to far?


“If he's lucky, popular girls are scary.” Jake nodded solemnly. “Please don't change when I make you an internet sensation.” Jake looked at Dan with tears in his eyes.


“You're a ham. You know that?” Dan said shaking his head.


“He does have a point.” David said closing his phone and ramming it in his pocket.


“Jake has a point? If Dan hadn't turned into a female skunkataur in front of my eyes. I wouldn't believe it.” Gassen said his eyes down swiping and enlarging something on his phone.


“Your right but Jake is too. Weird as it is.” David said. “I got to go.” David pushed past the clothes he wedged himself in and left the store.


“To get laid.” Dan shook her head. “Idiot. Like it's that easy.” Dan was a guy for years and she could see both sides of the story now.


“I didn't say it wasn't going to happen today.” Jake shrugged his shoulders. “But now his mopey ass is Pam's problem.” Jake lifted his head and looked around the store. “Also there is no way your six boobs are fitting into these tiny tanks.”


“I don't think there is a market for women with six boobs.” Gassen frowned. “Even on-line your new look is too rare. You'll have to get custom shirts.”


“Pants too, but you can adjust a skirt for now.” Jake was a costume maker, he would know and Gassen was the most fashionable of the four. Dan sighed.


“How much do you got?” Jake asked finally putting his phone away into his pocket.


“Two-hundred and that's for the entire wardrobe.” Dan slumped. This was the mall and with her new size. They would be lucky to get two sets of clothes, let alone a whole wardrobe.


“We could go to that used clothes store across the street.” Gassen suggested. Closing his phone with a click. “Pam and David won't set foot in there but it has a good stuff.”
“We could buy some fabric and go to my place. Shirts and skirts wouldn't take me to long and it'll give you something to wear as I work on the pants.” Jake brought up. His eyes sparkling. “I might have some stuff on hand you can wear.”

Written by psto146 on 20 May 2019

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