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"Now what?" You think, looking around to see the wall's are completely gone, and just as you look up something entirely different is coming into focus on all four sides. The brick is entirely gone, but now something else is starting to formulate in front of you. Glancing down, the floor, before aged wood boards is now precise, large panels though just beneath your feet runs a gray grate, lighted from beneath with a foggy, blue light. You look over, staring at large panels in the wall, doors? You eye where they jut out slightly from the rest of the wall, all with the same molded texture. Sure enough, some of the pieces are doors, with small computer panels beside them.


"Where am I?" You try to take a step closer and investigate the door but find that your ingrained motion on two feet isn't the same here. You only lift the front legs and topple over, slumping forward with your hind set still sturdy and upright, butt jutting into the air, and your cheek slammed into the cold floor. "Oof-"


Writhing, you scramble the front feet back beneath you, pushing back up onto all four of them. This time, you focus your motion to move all your legs, trying to figure out how to move on from the front and one from the back and the same time when your brain is telling you the back legs still don't exist.


Slowly, you strain until the feeling of shuffling step by step is natural. With one, painstakingly slow, step after another you inch towards the panel on the wall. It glows green, lit up with a backlit, but when you lift a finger to touch it, it buzzes once unhappily. "Huh-"


Miming the same slowness, you swivel in a shuffling circle so that your backend turns behind you and you can look to the opposite wall only to see a massive window. A massive, darkness fills the window but as you look, suddenly, a massive bright, blue mass comes into frame. "What is-"


It hits you, you're looking down at a planet. It's massive, curved where it disappears into the darkness spilling all around it. You see specks on its surface, differences in its composition, but it's hard to see any distinction. Suddenly there's a noise to your side, you jerk towards it, trying to assess what it is and where it came from, and for the first time your body moves with the instinctive movement, though the sudden bounce of your breasts heavy against your chest it an alien sensation. Both arms curl over you, trying to press the orbs back into place and stop the rippling jiggles.


At the end of the hall, racing towards you is a lanky deer of some sort. It's heels click hard onto the floor and send zings up through the air. "You there! Didn't you hear?! Report to command room! There's a new wave of attackers!"


Then, as if on cue, the entire hallway filled with a booming voice, echoing out from speakers you now see embedded into the walls with small, black holes releasing the sound: "All able personnel are called to report in command room A. Repeat, all able personnel are called to report in command room A. This is not a drill. This is an emergency. The planet has been attacked once more. We will debrief in T-minus three minutes. Report to command room A." Then, with a fizzle the voice disappeared.


Your eyes glance back to the window, seeing the orb of blue. Distantly, at the very edge of the window, you see something else moving through the sky, moving much faster than you are, if you're even moving. You see that the doe, a gazelle you realize, continued down the hall in a hurry. "Come on! This is serious!" She shouts back to you while her quick feet continued to trot down the hall rapidly, their tapping footsteps fading quieter and quieter until she's just a spec at the end of the long corridor.


Still confused, you start in the same direction. Your feet clump in the slow, steady pace that you set, knowing that without your concentration faltering you can move all four legs without stumbling. Before you've even made it a quarter of the way, another rush of feet suddenly follow down the hall in a rush, catching up to you. You glance back, seeing a group of people rushing towards you, chattering among themselves:


"What's happened? How many were hurt?"


"I don't know. I've heard it hit a distant village."


"No- it was Tarquin."


"No! That's the biggest city left!"


"I just hope they started evacuations in time..."


By the time they reach you, they're well aware of your presence here. You sift through the group: two of them are rodents, though the exact species escapes you, but they stand shorter than the others; another is a bird, though frail that bird is carrying a massive weapon that hangs off from it's body; the fourth is a lizard with his tongue flicking out periodically, the last is a tiger like yourself with it's long tiger body, the bottom of the taur figure, standing steadily while the human torso puffs up tall and proud. His chest is bare, muscular and chiseled. His torso tapers down with muscle packed tightly together, all cords of sinew wound together before his legs begin. Though, his fur is sleeker, showing even the rippling muscle beneath the fur while when you look down you only see the soft, fluffy side of your form. Seeing him, obviously a creature of power, you suddenly feel inadequate. Looking down, you see the heft of your breasts on your chest, bouncy and exposed.


You gulp, crossing your arms tightly over your chest to try and cover yourself. Though, as they come to your side, it's more than your exposed chest that makes you shift uncomfortably. The are all garbed in armors and equipment. Each one has on thin, sleek armoring with weapons slung over their shoulders or cradled between their arms. Though suddenly, you look down to see that your form too has clothing.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 04 October 2015

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