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You looked down at your hands, or what used to be your hands. They were now clawed, with iridescent green scales that glittered in the dim light of the pub. Panic surged through you as you realized you were no longer human. You tried to scream, but only a low, rumbling growl escaped your newly formed jaws.


Despite your initial terror, you quickly realized that everyone else in the pub saw you as just another patron, a regular human. You breathed a sigh of relief, albeit a dragon-like one, as you tried to make sense of this surreal transformation.


As you attempted to adjust to your new body, the bartender approached you with a friendly smile. "Evening, miss," he said, not seeming to notice anything unusual. "What can I get you to drink?"


Your throat was dry, and you realized that the idea of a drink sounded rather appealing. You tried to speak, but it came out as a series of growls and hisses. Panic washed over you once more as you realized you couldn't communicate in your current form.


The bartender raised an eyebrow, looking somewhat puzzled but still patient. He leaned in closer, as if trying to decipher your unusual sounds. "You alright, miss?" he asked, genuine concern in his voice.


Desperation compelled you to try once more. With great effort, you managed to form the word, "Water."


The bartender nodded, still seemingly unfazed by your bizarre voice. "Water it is, then," he replied, pouring a glass and sliding it towards you.


You awkwardly settled into a wooden stool at the pub, your dragoness body feeling both foreign and strangely fascinating. The patrons around you continued their conversations, blissfully unaware of your true form.


With a sense of determination, you gingerly reached into the pockets of your clothing, feeling the strange texture of the fabric against your now clawed fingers. After a moment of fumbling, you retrieved a crumpled piece of paper. It was an address, hastily scribbled in handwriting you didn't recognize.


Glancing around the pub to ensure no one was watching too closely, you decided to study the address more closely. It read:


17 Wyvern Way


The bartender, a friendly middle-aged man with a warm smile, had been keeping an eye on you. He noticed your apparent discomfort and difficulty adjusting to your new form. As he poured another glass of water and set it before you, he leaned in closer and asked, "Are you new around here? You seem a bit... out of sorts."


You nodded, grateful for his kindness, though you couldn't provide a straightforward answer due to your limited vocal abilities in your current dragoness form. Instead, you gave him a sheepish smile and gestured to yourself, hoping that your strange appearance would be explanation enough.


The bartender chuckled understandingly and patted your shoulder gently. "No worries, we all have our moments," he said, displaying remarkable patience. "If you ever need anything, just let me know. My name's Mike."


With an appreciative nod, you pointed to the glass of water and then to your throat, indicating that you needed a moment to regain your composure.


The bartender, Mike, had noticed your predicament and continued to show genuine concern. He leaned in closer and asked, "Do you have somewhere to go?" His voice held a touch of sympathy as he considered the possibility that you might be in a difficult situation.


You pondered the question for a moment, your dragoness mind racing with thoughts of the mysterious address you had found, 17 Wyvern Way. It was your only lead, and you felt a strong pull toward discovering its significance. However, conveying this to Mike in your current form remained challenging.


You hesitated for a moment, then reached into your pocket to retrieve the crumpled piece of paper with the address. Holding it up for him to see, you raised an eyebrow and gave a hopeful look, silently asking if he could help you find your way there.


Mike's eyes widened as he took in the address, clearly recognizing the significance of Wyvern Way. He nodded, understanding your unspoken request. "Ah, I see," he said with a reassuring smile. "You need to get to Wyvern Way. It's not too far from here. Let me give you directions."


Grateful for Mike's assistance, you nodded appreciatively, feeling a glimmer of hope that you were one step closer to unraveling the mystery of your transformation. As Mike proceeded to provide you with directions, you couldn't help but wonder what awaited you at 17 Wyvern Way and how it might hold the key to returning to your original human form.

Written by - on 30 November 2023

The end (for now)

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