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A designer brand shop of some furry definition has a red sign outside to show that they have a sale currently running. As you meander around the sign, a group of shouting female furs rage out from the shop, bags and merchandise tossed between them. You are not privy to female discourse when it comes to shopping; it seems that they are fighting over some sale items between themselves. A red dragon with brilliant, orange wings snatches up a sweatshirt that looks like any other and tries to whip it away from its purchaser, a red-eyed, albino poodle who is not letting go without a fight. Growing, the poodle heaves on the garment, dragging it through the dragon’s claws and rending the fine fabric beyond repair.


“Look what you did!” She screams, her friends nodding their heads in anger. “You’ll have to give me the money for that! It was mine!”


“Well,” the dragoness smirks, picking a pink scrap of fabric off one claw. “It was yours. Now it looks like it belongs on the rubbish heap. Like you.”


“Why you —”


The poodle lunges and the group dissolves into a clawing mass of fur, feather and scales, each anthro undistinguishable from the next. You dart to the side of this group but they seem subconsciously determined to block your path, a hissing cobra showing her fangs in a deadly smile. Recoiling, you rush out into the road, narrowly avoiding a lorry (whose driver abuses the horn) even as the fanatics screech obscenities, refusing re-entry to the considerably safer pavement. As if to conclude their unladylike catfight over the clothes, the dragoness rends her claws through an opposing possum’s shirt, tearing it away from her body. A group of male anthros inch closer, catcalling the semi-nude possum who frantically tries to cover her torso. Even you cannot resist a smirk before becoming abruptly aware that a fox’ eyes have travelled to you as you ogle.

Written by Amethyst Mare on 19 May 2013

Male Fox

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