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“Ugh” Daniel's head pounded. A hard and unrelenting sound, it reminded Daniel of the time Jake tried to learn the drums. There was no rhythm, only noise. His head hurt so bad, trying to open his eyes made a glare of light stab into his eyes.
“Miss, miss, are you okay?” called a faint voice. Daniel opened his eyes again, and saw the shadow of someone leaning over him. Oh, Daniel thought blinking to bring the face into focus; he found help. The craziness in the store, the suit, the pain of transforming must have all been a dream, right?
“Here try sipping this.” The shadow whispered. A cup touched Daniel's mouth. A sweet fruity taste filled his mouth. The light and refreshing drink, took Daniel's headache away.
“That's better.” Daniel sighed. The pain of headache faded and gone, like Jake's old drums. Made the world a better place.
“Good, but can you open your eyes for me?” The voice pinched sounding worried. Daniel opened his eyes, not noticing he had closed them.
“AHH!” Daniel screamed, his once rich voice became a high pitch, and rather girl like scream. Before him was a monster! Daniel rattled his brain for the what it was.
“AHH!” It screamed back. The voice came out of the face of a plain freckled women with brown eyes, and flowing brown hair in a tight pony tail. The head of a woman was normal, and fine. It was the body that made Daniel tremble and fail backwards until he slammed a wall. Her body was that of a lion! Her eagle claws that should have been her hands clutched her chest has she panted. Large brown wings on her back folded in and out in a restless motion.
“Oh my stars, you scared me!” The monster took a deep breath in and out. “It's okay I brought you in from the wilds. You're safe now.”
“Wilds?” Daniel rack his brain, but all he could recall was being scared, and in pain. Daniel raised his hands to his face. Seeing four sharp black talons flex in their place.
“Oh yes, horrible place; not safe for sphinx or beast out there.” Daniel heard her voice roll over him like a dream. Looking down he saw he was resting not butt, but on his haunches. Soft golden colour fur covered his flank, and his paws? Wiggling his toes, he confirmed he did have control over them, and they were his.
“For someone as young, and pretty as you.” She paused and Daniel looked up, letting the reality of the transformation sink into him.
“I'm glad I found you before some hunters did.” She shivered her feathers fluffy outwards when she did. “What were you doing out there?”
“I don't know.” Daniel's voice flowed in a soft alto, he sounded like a beautiful lady, but was he one?
“Do you really think I'm pretty?” Daniel wondered, finding that he could control his new body like he once did his old one. He gentle flared out his own wings to see vibrate shade of navy with a shinny gold edges.
“Your very pretty honey, has no one ever said that to you before?” Daniel shook his head and the women, sphinx shook her head. “Your gold crown of feather and blue wings are a very rare thing my dear.” She spoke in a soft tone, and to Daniel it felt like he was talking to someone a lot older than him. A grandmother, who felt kind and reassuring.
“I was trying to get home.” Daniel's voice wavered, emotions clogged his throat. He could feel tears forming in his eyes.
“But I don't know how too.” Omitting this sent the tears flying.
“There, there now. Annie's got you.” She came over and tucked Daniel under her wing.
“I'll help you get settled here. Your family will come here, every sphinx from even the farthest coast comes here, at least once a year.” Daniel shook his head, knowing she wouldn't understand. He. No she. She the sphinx Daniel. The human male Daniel was no more. Would have to stay here for now.
“What will I do?” Daniel didn't know, wiping her tears off with a claw foot she sunk down on all fours, feeling lost.
“You can focus on the present for starters!” Annie stood up and pulled her along for the ride. “I take it you've never been to Macon before?”
“This is the farthest I've been from home.” Daniel wanted to be truthful to Annie, she was being kind to her after all, but what else could she say? That she was from a whole other world!
“Then let's get you to the crystal.” Annie nodded, pulling her out the large open door. Out into the sun Daniel winced, letting Annie drag her along until her vision cleared. “The crystal helps all new sphinx find the place that's for them.”

Written by psto1464 on 19 January 2020

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