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You realize that maybe being a giant dragon out in the open daylight is not a great idea. "Hmmm" you think out loud to yourself. There has to be a better way of going about this. Maybe if you have all the powers of a dragon you could shrink down, and thereby possibly get to someone?s house that you know and tell them about it.


You try thinking of yourself getting smaller, but nothing happens.


If fact you try everything you can think of to activate your powers as you can imagine but nothing happens. Then your eyes shift to the shop.


Maybe there you can find something. After the divine force that did this to you wouldn't have been so malevolent as to not give you a way back. The door is far too small for you to enter so instead you yell through the doorway at the shop keeper.


Ironically, she is un-startled by your appearance, and in fact, she seems to be expecting you.


"Oh I see you visited the cave unprepared." She says in a sing song kind of way. "I suppose you will want a way to change back now?" as she says this she begins digging under the counter for something.


"No" you say in an almost vicious manner. "No, all I want is to be able to shrink down for a while so I can go visit my friend without being attacked by a random stranger."


"Really? You mean you want to be a dragon?" She looks at you quizzically.


"Well I suppose there is no harm in staying a dragon for a little while but in truth you should really change back as soon as you can."


She throws a large glass at you containing a green syrupy liquid in it. You catch it with your tongue. "now that will be enough for quite some time but come back before it wears off or there could be dire consequences. This batch is a little experimental." As she tells you this you crush the container in your mouth, barely noticing the bits of glass, and swallow the meager amount of liquid. It has a vile taste but before you know it your about the size of a small dog.

Written by Razortail on 21 September 2005

The end (for now)
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