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You decide that to play things safe by being a business tycoon, who can easily afford protection with little trouble.


You concentrate for a moment, until suddenly you feel tingling in the very middle of your torso. This tingling spreads through your body, dying down after wards but leaving behind a slight numbness. Following right after this, a strange, somewhat rejuvenating warmth emanates from the origin point of the first sensation, moving out very slowly as it comes. Once it reaches your arms, waist, and neck base, your ribcage, chest muscles, and stomach expand some, followed by your spine lengthening. Your torso gets warmer and heavier, as it grows orange and white fur with black stripes, underneath your shirt. The warmth and following growth continues down your waist and legs, causing them to grow longer and become furry and more muscular. Luckily you don't have any shoes on, because now your feet are changing and becoming bigger, flatter, and gaining fur, while losing their pinky toes as the rest grow bigger and alter their shape.


Going back up, you notice your arms are changing gradually as the warmth flows through them, causing them to grow longer, more muscular, and gaining fur. Your hands then begin to change, becoming big and furry and losing their pinkies as the rest of the fingers become a little thicker and your nails becoming retractable, silver-colored claws.


Once your arms have finished changing, you suddenly feel the sensation invade your face. Your nose twitches a little involuntarily as it suddenly begins to expand and become more triangular from the front. Your jaws begin to tingle and grow outwards into a muzzle, while becoming white with fur and a little squarish in shape. Your teeth and tongue become longer to fit your mouth, while your nose grows forward slightly with your newly formed feline muzzle. Your head then expands and your hair turns white as it becomes short fur that slides down and seemingly "connects" with you muzzle fur,while becoming slightly frayed in appearance. Orange fur grows in place of your hair and your ears move up slightly near the top of your head as they change shape and grow orange fur. Your neck then widens and grows fur with black stripes, and your throat briefly becomes hot as your voice box alters to suit your newly finished form.


Your physical changes are finished, but you're not wearing the right clothes, which also don't seem to fit you anymore. Suddenly, your clothes seemingly respond to this by changing themselves. Your shirt seemingly melts down on you arms and torso, shifting it's shape, material, and colors. When it stopped, you see that your shirt has become a blue dress coat, complete with white button-down underneath with a wine-red necktie, and small fake rose pinned onto coat. Your pants also change like how your shirt did and became a matching blue dress pants, with pleated cuffs that just covered your ankles. Now you're a tycoon, and one of the biggest of them all in the TaleSpin series... Shere Khan!


Right after your transformation, you find yourself in his office, standing in front of the window with the curtain drawn open, revealing the whole Cape Suzette in all it's wonderful splendor as it basks in the sun. However, as you subconsciously awe at the view, the one thing Khan gets to enjoy nearly 24/7 (as if we knew what else he gets to do), you're interrupted by a sudden entrance by the desk clerk, who is asking for your attention for certain business matters. You suddenly realize that you don't have Khan's knowledge, strategies, and professions to do his job, yet you don't want to give yourself away.


What are you gonna do?

Written by Ace JP1 on 28 February 2013

The end (for now)
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