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It was the second time you were waking up; was this the real time that you were waking up, the rest being a continuous nightmare, or was there truth in the experience you lived a moment ago? If only you were able to look around, so you could see if it conformed to the image that you were building in your mind.


Opening your eyes, you hoped that the reality that would be surrounding you would simply be trees and chirping birds; there was always a chance that it would be the case, for this entire experience could only be the result of a simple hallucination, one that was probably caused by a lack of water or some pathogen agent floating in the air of the forest that you were exploring.


However, as you looked at your arms and hands, you realized that this wasn't a dream at all; you could see the feathers on your arms, in a pattern that resembled waves of different hues and tones of red, you were amazed that such brilliance could adorn your body. Although, the term arm was not the best anymore, for you saw that the feathers formed wings out of them.


But they were not only wings, for you could see that your hands were still able to grab objects; even if it was covered in chitin and ended with talons, it still looked like regular hands, with opposable thumbs. Perhaps this was a flaw in the design that was desired, or was it the goal that was sought?


Your chest was covered with the same feathers; you could see that it was finely tone, as if the modification played with your muscle mass, enough to increase it a bit. You were perhaps a sight to behold, but for now, you still had to figure out what you were. Your shirt was gone; was it an act of your captors, or was torn apart by this sudden transformation? The fact that no remains laid on the ground suggested that it was taken away, but in what state?


Looking at your feet, you noticed that your shoes were also gone, permitting you to observe that your feet were more like a bird of prey talons; although you could walk with them without any issues and without being clumsy on land, you had the feeling that it would take a bit for you to get used to them, for there was something quite unique to these new feet of yours.


It didn't take long for you to realize that you were some sort of bird; but were the features that you observed that applied to your body the only ones, or were there other ones that you were not aware of? You had to find out, so it would be easier to deal with this new reality that you would face from now on, even if it meant reinventing your life and the name that you had before, for there was a chance that it wouldn't fit anymore.

Written by zanian on 16 December 2015


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