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Reality Hopping star star star emptystar emptystar

In this story you can hop between realities following these rules:


No more then


These measurements are based on your home reality.


Your home reality is the one where you start your journey from.


When you hop to another reality you switch your mind with anybody who is there already.


If you hop to a different reality then your home reality from another reality then:


Reality 3 contains you.
Reality 2 contains the person from reality 3
Your home reality contains the person from reality 2


If someone dies then the person whose reality he/she home reality changes to that of the person who died. (Using the example above , if the person in your home reality dies your home reality becomes reality 2. If the person in reality 2 dies then the home reality of the person from reality 2 becomes

Written by Catprog on 22 August 2004

Wait.... am I really in another reality? emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You open your eyes, shielding them from the bright light as they adjust. As everything dims down, you find yourself in a small wooden shack, laying in a small bed. It isn't fancy, just a mattress to provide cushioning, and a thin blanket that doesn't do much to shield from the cold.


Pulling the sheet off, you climb out of bed and look around. The room is a little spartan. An old wooden dresser is pressed firmly against the wall to the left of the bed, barely big enough to hold more than a dozen articles of clothing, with a tiny window just above it, sun light shining through. To the right of your bed is a doorway, no door, leading to another room.


You walk over to the dressed, open it up, and to your surprise find your clothes in there. Not the clothes you'd think someone else would wear. These are the clothes you had back in your world. Same pants, shirt, socks, and underwear.


Almost immediately, you feel something's not right. Still barefoot, you walk to the other room, and find it appears to be a small living room and kitchen, a small coal stove in the corner with a metal pipe snaking out above it, through the roof. There is a small TV in another corner of the room, an old CRT box tv, like those made at the turn of the century before flat screens became common place, with a 2 seater sofa facing it directly.


Glancing around, you try to find a mirror to look into, and see one over a sink. As you approach it, the feeling of dread slowly comes over you, and as soon as your reflection comes into view, it's quickly replaced by shock.


Staring back at you, the body you are in, is yours! The exact same body you had before you jumped. Every detail, from the length and color of your hair, to the size of your feet and color of your skin, is the same. Even you're underwear is the same as before. What is going on here? Did you really jump to another reality, or is someone pulling a prank and actually shipped you off somewhere in your world? And if you did jump, did that mean there was more than one of you, other versions of you in other worlds?

Written by Universal6 on 29 March 2013

Zoo emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Perhaps if the house has not changed the area outside has? Looking outside you see what used to be houses down the hill across the road has been replaced by a zoo. And not just any zoo but a large sized one. Also it seems like they are having a promotion to celebrate their grand opening.


Heading over you find that the entry is free for the first week, unfortunately most of the animals are yet to arrive. You also are handed a map and find out the hill is only the front of the zoo, the plains behind it also are now part of the zoo. There also seems to be an aquatic area, an aviary, and a reptile house. It seems this zoo will have every kind of animal imaginable, once they have arrived.


You ask the guide "What happened with the animals that has delayed them."


He sighs "Well we ran into some problems in our last location. People ended up missing and we got blamed, so the animals are still there while we set up here. Once we are settled, then we can move the animals here. What is your favorite animal by the way?"


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 18 July 2015

Tiger emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Tiger" you say and the guide nods " We did not have them in the previous location. "You can go behind the scenes and have a look at their habitat. Go up the hill and you should be able to see the tiger habitat."


You head up the hill and look over the zoo. Looking back you see your house and where the zoo has gone over your neighbourhood, it is almost like a patchwork quilt, some of the houses now zoo, while their neighbour is still a house.


The thought goes through your mind that this is quite strange but given this is a new reality you quickly put it out of your mind. The tiger area is nearby and so you head out and soon arrive.


The tiger pens are open and as the guide said , no tigers. A sign is up saying "behind the scenes tour , enter the pens." There are a number of doors, each one with a name above it.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 19 July 2015

Sancho emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You head through the door under the name Sancho, having to get onto your hands to go through. You must of knocked something, because the moment you stand back up the door slides shut, blocking your way out.


The door through to the habitat though is open and you head out arrive in a jungle, no trace whatsoever of the zoo. You smile and try to get your bearings to head towards the wall.


You hear rustling in the bushes and you turn to see a zookeeper appearing out of what appears to be thin air. "How do you like the habitat? We have tried to make it as natural as possible, hiding all the observation points for the visitors." she says.


"It’s perfect. Plenty of jungle for me to hide in, a basking spot, and no way for me to even see the humans when they watch me its-what?" You shake your head. What on earth was that all about.


"Sounds like you are thinking like a tiger." she says grinning "Can you think like a tiger and find the way out?" she asks you.


You look at her curiously. "Um...I’m human. I’ll find my own way out thank you very much." You start to pat along the vine covered walls, looking in vain for the exit.


"The exit is not on this side. You have to cross the habitat. Find the animal trails and follow them to the exit." she says chuckling "This is the real point of these behind the scene tours, we want you to think about what the animals are thinking while they are in the zoo."


You look around critically. Finally you spot a dent in the dense underbrush, with an "Aha" you set off onto the trail.


You sense the zookeeper following you but no matter how hard you look you can not find any actual trace of her. However you soon arrive at a door and she is there waiting for you. "Congratulations, you have now found the exit." she says holding the door open for you. "When you look in the habitat on your way back out, please think about how different it looks from outside than inside. Think about home you felt."


You nod and head through the door and turn back to find a rock face , no trace of the door. You head around the rock and find yourself looking over the enclosure, despite the feeling of being hidden inside, from the outside you can see almost the entire area, the only things not seen are the tiger pens and the door outside. There you can also see many places that you want to explore if you get to go back. However from the sun you think you have spent nearly the entire day in there. For a moment you feel an urge to go back to the pens, like that is where you should sleep. But you also see your house back there, and your own bed.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 20 July 2015

Back Home emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You get home and immediately go to the fridge to get a steak out. Sticking it onto the frypan. But as it starts sizzling you suddenly realize that if you cook it, it will lose all it’s blood. Quickly, you turn off the stove, and take the steak out, putting it on a plate. You sit down at the table and stare at the steak...then you grab it with both hands and begin ripping into it with your teeth.


You are about halfway through when you suddenly realise what you are doing and you toss it back onto the plate before getting the cutlery to finish it off. You must've been really hungry to use your hands. You didn’t eat at all today.


But no matter how you try, the fork seems alien to you. You stare at it and look at the knife as well. What are your teeth for? A voice in your head asks. "What indeed?" You say aloud. Looking around you see no one around, shrug, then pick the steak up again and resume your messy eating.


Soon the steak is gone, and all that is left is licking your hands clean. You look at the dirty plate and growl. Why did you dirty the plate in the first plate, you now need to clean that as well. Licking it clean before washing it in the sink.


You give a deep rumble in your throat. That steak really hit the spot. You look at the time. Already 8 PM. You could go to bed, or watch some Tv..or...the night is young. Maybe you should explore outside, or possibly even the zoo?


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 21 July 2015

Eat without cooking emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

There is no time to cook it so you just hold the meat and tear into it. Each bite smelling better and better. Cleaning up is easy, your tongue taking care of most of the job, leaving a quick shower to finish the job.


Brushing your teeth is a surprise. Your nose has changed, not only it is covered in a striped fur it is reshaped, much like a tiger. You touch it in disbelief as a wave of fear comes over you before you think about how much easier it will be to smell with it.


Perhaps it is just the sleep talking but you decide to sleep on it and see what the morning brings.


Sleeping brings you dreams. You are a tiger heading around the habitat in the zoo, once again though there is no trace of the humans looking in, the tigress hiding somewhere around your main focus.


You toss and turn in your sleep, moaning as you find the tigress in your dreams and have some...intimate moments with her. A deep purr rumbles through your throat as you sleep.


The morning arrives shattering the dream. Your feet have started to change , the underside are pawpads , helping you walk without shoes, the memories of your walk reminding you that bare feet are not good for long walks. They also have reshaped , forcing you onto the balls of your feet.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 22 July 2015

Go to work emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You look at your half-paws in confusion. How are you going to hide this? You take a step and smile. This is strange, but the padding on your feet will definitely make shoes unnecessary. You shrug. Maybe no one will notice or just think you are playing? You walk to work, which is a dead in desk jockey job.


But things are work are strange. People are giving you nervous looks, as if afraid of you. Suddenly a woman walks by you..a woman with a large orange beak in place of a mouth. She takes a look at your feet and squawks in fright, before running off.


Your colleagues look over and run out as well, you notice various animal parts on them, rabbit ears, zebra stripes (and somehow you know it is zebra and not a white tiger) along with various other prey animals.


The boss comes in, he has changed a lot, his head fully elephant. Dropping to all fours he charges at you, forcing you to climb over the desk and away. Behind you the elephant-headed boss runs through it only slowing slightly. The door is just ahead and you dive through it, leaving him stuck behind it.


Well there is not much point staying here now, perhaps you can go back to the zoo and find your way back into the habitat and explore the places you saw last time?


But you shake your head, looking down at your half-paw feet and touching your animalistic nose. No...this isn’t normal. You need to talk to the zookeeper. Maybe she will know what is happening to you and how...or if you can stop it. Or if you WANT to stop it. You shake your head violently. This is messing with your mind. Looking back at the building you walk away, determined not to head back inside.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 23 July 2015

Around town emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As you head off the roads you traveled to work on are now blocked the zoo seemingly grown over the buildings. Forcing you to head in a different direction. Cutting through a park you spot a bunch of otters playing in the ponds. They spot you and head towards you almost as if they had something to tell you.


But then they see your large paws and suddenly jump back, frightened. Something about you terrified them apparently. You look over to the pond and spot what seems to be writing there. "Human, must remember. Don't let her. " Even with so few words, the later words are much messier written even though they seem to be from the same hand.


In fact the writing seems to change it's meaning. The messy, kindergarten looking writing read; "Otter fun! Glad I not smelly hooman! Ooo! Clam!" And with that the writing disappears from your very eyes, no trace of it left.


You look around, and the entire park seems to have changed, the large areas of grass are now replaced by water with only small islands. You'd have to swim to get out now.


But that would be a very bad idea. Because there on the island is a family of humans. A family of humans covered in tough green scales. Although your vision seems to be better in some senses, the colors seem washed out


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 24 July 2015

call out to them emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You look over to them and call out "Do you know what is going on and how to stop it?".


"Stop? Stop? What stop?" The big male human asks.


"Sun warm! Want bask!" The female said "Otters bad. Take young."


You continue trying to make them see sense but it seems whatever has changed them has taking a lot of their humanity and you are not going to have much luck with them.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 25 July 2015

Swim back to town emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

With one last look you swim off from the island. Legs kicking behind you you climb out on the edge of the park and shake yourself dry. Looking around you try to get your bearings as to where your house is.


Heading off you start seeing even more people who are changing. Foxes , Dogs, no tigers though.


You walk right by a familiar house, but it is broken down, not fit to be lived in. There is nothing for you there. Then you come to a house next to the familiar one. And this one seems to be visibly changing into something that was screened in.


A set of double doors allow you entry into the area. The floor opening up above you into branches, The furniture twisting into trees. Instinctively you take our your claws and dig them into the bark climbing one of them, and out onto a branch giving you a good view of the area.


The screen is growing up and out, encircling a number of houses that also seem to be changing into the forest. The outside world seemingly disappearing. The screen only visible because you know it is there. The sun warming your branch feel so good, you could have a nap here for a while.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 26 July 2015

Sleep for a bit emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Eeeeeaahhh!!!! Go away!!!!!" A musical voice broke through your sleepiness.


You open one eye "So warm. Why go away?" you say looking around for who has interrupted your nap.


"Cawwww!!!! Cat!!!! Cawwwww!" A harsh voice addded.


"Human, not cat" you say yawning. Now fully awake you look around to see birdlife. Well human bird hybrids at least.


"Leave! Leave now cat!!! Tssseeeeer!!!!" A screeching voice commanded.


One brave person lands on the edge of your branch and walks towards you. It seems like she is about to say something, when her mouth stretches out into a beak and all that comes out is a screeching sound.


"What do you want bird woman?" You ask lazily.


She opens her beak and you get a sense of fear from her as she tries to speak but only the screech comes out. She looks at you and starts to attack you, and with her new beak it does hurt a bit.


"Leave" the other birds say with the various birds calls mixed in,

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 27 July 2015

Climb down emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You start climbing down, the birds seemingly accepting this and you head out to the gate. As if the enclosure itself is reshaping itself you quickly find yourself at the gates and head out.


On the other side of the street you see a zookeeper gathering humans in a house. You head over and ask her "Why is everyone changing and how do I stop it?"


"Why would you want to stop it?" The woman asked, ears suddenly flicking to the top of her head.


"I am human. And even you are not immune. Look at your ears." you say to her.


"Well I'm not human of course!" A tail bursts out of her pants.


"What are you?" You say looking at the tail. "Are you responsible for this?"


"I'm a kitsune my feline friend. I'm just a caretaker of this zoo. Isn't that right my little foxys?"


The fox-humans yip at her in response.


"But I don't want to be a tiger." you say "And why are you changing everyone?"


"You do want to be a tiger...all humans long to be free of worry. Is't that right John? She asked a small human.


"Yip" he says.


"See" she says "I am sure you met my sister who started changing you. Don't you want to make her happy?"


"Is she a tiger? Wait...what???" You shake your head. "Human I mean?"


"Of course she appeared human. You would not of gotten close to her if she was in her true form" she says smiling as she waves her hands and you feel yourself purring as you feel something stroking your back.


Another tail bursts out of the kitsune. "That's it you big cat...give in."


"Human" you purr " Will not give in."


"Yes, you big want to be a big tiger though don't you.?" A third tail bursts out and a fox jumps on her shoulder. Both their eyes glow and in front of you a tigress appears. "You want to be with her don't you?"


You paw at the image, but it's not there. It does however, cause a pulsing sensation above your rear. " right. puuuurrrrrr."


"Run along cat. She is waiting for you" she says "You know where she is. Besides you won't be upright for much longer."


But you are stuck there purring as something is now squirming in your pants. "Mrrrrr...Waitrrrrr...not...I shouldn' this..."


The eyes stop glowing "There you go, no more pettings. If you want them to continue..."


You gather your thoughts and stand back up "How?"


"Just go back to the tiger enclosure." she says.


You nod...pettings sound good.

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 28 July 2015

Continue heading home emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You walk off towards what you hope is your home, the thoughts of what you will find when you get there going through your mind.


Suddenly you stop, purring. The squirming in your pants is getting can't move from the pleasure it's giving you. You fall to all fours and stick your rear in the air. Reaching back you slice the pants and your tail is free. Looking back you smile seeing the stripy fur and you move it around getting used to the new addition to your body.


You noticed you have reached the tiger enclosure. Your tail lashes in excitement. "Wait!!!" You suddenly break through. "I'm not a tiger! Am I!?" You are beyond confused right now.


The back of the exhibit is open, more specifically the door you went through last time. And last time the door closed behind him, and you do not think you will be able to find and open the door to get out the way you did last time.


"I shouldn't go in." You stand up on two legs, for the first time in a while.


"Why not?" you hear the zookeeper behind you "Inside is much better for tigers then outside."


"What am I?" You ask. You really are't sure now.


"I know what I see when I look at you." she says walking behind you to scratch your back "But the real question is what do you see when you look at yourself?"


"I don't know" You look at your lashing tail protruding from your straining pants, your animalistic hind legs...your FRONT legs...humans didn;t have four legs...or a tail. "I'm...I'm a tiger."


She continues to scratch your back "Are you ready to come home? Walk through the door and I will join you on the other side."



Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 29 July 2015

Fight it emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You finally truly see your changing body. You are more tiger than human! Looking back towards the town you see a family playing in their front yard...a family covered in fur with fluffy dog tails protruding from their behinds.


Looking to a tree you see a small girl...covered in feathers singing the song of a cardinal. Finally you see a farm...filled with braying and neighing humans in various stages of becoming beasts of burden.


"I've got to get out of here!" You turn tail, literally.


"How to get out of the zoo." you think running on all fours. The zoo stretches out before you and in front of you is the tiger enclosure and the zookeeper is standing there watching you "Having fun?"


You see a building in the distance. "Is that?" There is no mistaking it. "The Empire State Building? This is New York City!" You take off running again.


You go from exhibit to exhibit trying to find your way out , looking for a high point to get a view of the land.


It's very clear what is happening. This zoo is changing the entire city into animals. Humans are everywhere...most lost in beastial instincts. And one entered your mind...stronger than any before. "Must not leave mate!"


"I am not your mate" you think, looking over your paws "Turn me back" you roar from your place on the hill.
Another thought enters your mind, unbidden. "She is mine! No one can roar like I can!"


"Who are you? Did you change me like her?"


"Who am I? I'm you! Now, go back to your mate! Before another tiger takes her!" The voice in your head says as your pants start to rip.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 30 July 2015

Give in emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You head back to the enclosure. She is waiting for you her ears and tail clearly visible "Are you ready this time?"


You give a growl and walk into the enclosure. One last gasp enters your mind. "Wait!"


The door closes behind you, stopping you from going back out.


You are trapped...turning around you see the zookeeper...striped fur is peeking out from under her uniform, a tail lashes behind her.


"Wait for what? You are home now. And we are meant to be together."


"We are?" You ask. " are a tiger. I'm...I'm?.what am I?"


"You used to be a human. Now you are a tiger. And I am a tigress not a tiger."


"I'm...tiger." The word made sense to you. Suddenly you realized something was over your fur. Some sort of covering. You start growling at it, unable to reach it as your face cracks forward.


She comes over to you and takes her claws out to slice it off you. "Is that better?"


You look over your animalistic trace of that ugly pink stuff...luxurious want to speak but find the ability blocked. Instead you let out a roar.


She roars with you before scratching your back. "And now we play a game. I hide and you try and find me."

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 31 July 2015

The end (for now)
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