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You join the pack and try to fit in. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You choose to join the pack, rather than trying to run away or fight against them like your instincts seem to be telling you to do. You follow the pack back to their village and are given a temporary home to live within. A guard is placed upon your door while the pack tries to decide what to do with you. You slowly walk around the small hut you've been given, which is really more like a one room house. There's a pit in the corner, which you assume must be the toilet. By one wall is a bucket of water, which you quickly use to wash your face and hands of the dust you acquired on the road to the pack's village. By the eastern wall you see a large bed that looks like it could easily fit you and up to three other people. On the opposite side from that, sits a table with a simple chair next to it. On the table sit a quill pen, a piece of paper, and some ink. You walk over and slowly start a quick note to anyone who ends up in a similar situation to your own telling them of your past, and what may have become of you if they find this letter. You finish it and fold up the letter then hide it under the ink bottle and walk to the bed. You slowly lie down and close your eyes trying to relax, knowing that worrying won't help matters any.


After a few minutes your eyelids get heavy, and you realize that instead of becoming relaxed you're getting sleepy. You quickly hop to your feet and stretch out then start pacing back and forth trying to get your mind to start working on a way out of this situation. With a start you remember what the old shopkeeper said about the outfit. You sigh as you realize you'll be stuck as a female wolf among this tribe for two weeks. You hear a soft sound come from the doorway, almost like people whispering among themselves. So, you silently walk to the door and listen as the two wolves guarding you start speaking among themselves. The first wolf looks to his companion and says "So do you think they'll continue the hunt tonight or wait till the full moon in two weeks?" The other shrugs and says "I don't, I think they're all too preoccupied with the new girl to continue tonight. I can't believe she just appeared out of nowhere with no tribal markings of any sort on her. Do you think she's magic?"


The first wolf just laughs at his companion and says "Magic is just superstitious nonsense the old crone tells the young ones to keep them in line. You and I both know there is no such thing, especially with how many times we've patrolled that forest." The second wolf glares at his companion and says "And we both know there are no wolves without tribal markings within ten miles of our territory. So you explain to me how she got in the middle of it, without any of our scouts seeing her?" That causes the first to stop laughing and look thoughtful. He slowly shook his head and said "That's still a mystery; the Alpha went to each sentry and checked on them personally. He said none of them were unconscious, that they couldn't have been asleep since he'd already checked about half an hour before, and that none of them had seen or heard anything. I trust him, so that means this girl somehow either managed to slip into our territory without making a sound, used magic as you seem to think, or has been hiding in our territory without us realizing it. All three options are completely unbelievable, but of the three the most likely is she somehow snuck past our sentries."


The other just shakes his head and you slip back into the room amazed that these people have so much trouble believing in magic when in your own world they're nothing but a myth. You slowly pace around your room trying to figure out how to get out of this situation, and what you'll have to do to get back home as a guy. You sigh and sit on your bed as you hear the guards start talking about this big "Hunt" you heard the two females talking about earlier. You softly sigh and lay back on the bed with your eyes closed, and your feet hanging over the side. Slowly you feel drowsiness start to overcome you yet again, and twist around until your body is lying properly on the bed. Slowly you slip into a deep sleep and find that you've started dreaming of home.

Written by Jake Shadow Wolf on 19 November 2012

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