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Compared to Todd, the dingo, your tiger appearance should have frightened him away, but he seemed pretty unfazed. It was quite weird to just walk up to a tiger but maybe costumers just intuitively knew who was a costumer, resident, or an animal. 
Eventually you and Todd reached a clearing where sunlight shined over everything. It was a vast grassy plain ahead, littered with stray animals and costumers most likely.
You walked out. Todd wasn’t coming with you, he stayed behind near the forest’s edge. “Where you planning on going?”
You wondered about that. You didn’t really know anyone here, yet, and you didn’t know where to go. Todd seemed to already be aware of your predicament. Probably because you were tilting your head and looked completely confused. “If you keep going straight, you’ll hit a town. It’s not like the big city the other way, but it’s a good place.” He bows. “It’s been a brief pleasure.”
Guess Todd wasn’t the friend that would show you where you would be living. You trekked onwards. There was a town in the distance, you could see caravans and smell delicious food in the distance. Travelers on the road, some carrying knapsacks as if they were running away. You were definitely on the right trail.
Suddenly, there was a tap on your shoulder. You looked over your shoulder and spotted an anthropomorphic rhino. An obvious male since he lacked the shirt, he held a gun over his shoulder and smiled at you. “Yep, you’re just the one I need.”
Your ears raised. 
“Well, you were looking for a place to live, weren’t you?” He asked. “Want to join the circus?”
Well, that didn’t sound too out of place. 
“Wait, wait, wait,” suddenly a female, anthropomorphic deer arrived. “No way, how about you join our caravan? We’re performing in the town tonight. Staying here for a couple of days. It’d be a great opportunity to see the world!”
“Dareen! This one’s mine!” the rhino protested. 
“No way, Harold. This one will go to me, won’t you, dearie? It’s a good opportunity. Why, with your appearance, you could come close to outshining our star.”
You looked from the he-rhino to the she-deer, but you couldn’t make up your mind. In fact, both offers were overwhelming you. You then spotted another tiger like yourself. It appears smaller than you. Probably female. She brushed past your shoulder and said, “You and me, how about it? It’ll give you some time to think about their offers.”
That, not only sounded like an escape, but a perfect invitation. You said your thanks to both managers, “I’ll come back and decide later.”
“Whatever you say, sweetheart.” Dareen winked. “We’ll be by Dasher River, you won’t miss us.”
Harold nodded. “We’ll be setting up tent next to the town’s amusement park. It’d be great to have you. Come by, and even if you say no, come and see our show.”
You nodded, blushing from the invitation. Then, you left with the tigress. She smiled. You walked beside her, your steps and strides in sync. “Loud group, aren’t they?”
“What’s your name?” you asked.
“Roses, what about yours?”
“It’s nice to meet you.”

Written by on 07 September 2019

The end (for now)
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