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You would be stuck like this, a fox, for a while. It has only been what, a day since you were changed? It felt like it had already been a whole year! How were you going to survive this? You thought that maybe if you stuck close to these fox you would have an easier time.


You keep your head down and step closer to the others hesitantly. They didn't seem to really care about you so you continued limping closer. Your throat felt tight when the tod looked over to you form where he sat, but he didn't get up. You didn't want to push your luck and lied in the grass where you were.


Lounging around here was wonderful. You had been so unnerved by becoming a fox and wondering what to do next that simply resting made you realize how exhausted you were. Your limbs were heavy and your eyelids were droopy. You were starting to fall asleep. Would you be alright here though?


You reluctantly opened your eyes again and looked towards the other foxes. They weren't paying you any mind at all. Some of the adults were napping as you were trying to do, as the others were playing with their kits.


Seeing as how they didn't mind having you near them, you fell into a peaceful sleep.

Written by Vixerlen on 30 January 2018

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