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“It feels rough,” you say to yourself, eyeballing checkered diamond-shaped scales etched across the iridescent scales of the outfit. The suit clings to your dry skin as you step, one foot at a time, into the tight suit, pulling it up as you extend the length of the bunched up material.
The excitement of your next transformation can be sensed deep within your core; building energy within you, as if this essence had been generated by the suit. You begin to feel your skin tingling as your bare flesh wiggles inside the tight lining of the suit. The leather-like skins unfolding to the will of your heavy limbs, almost molding to your form.
Splotches of brown and black are segmented between each polygonal scale running along the length of the magical costume, a tail weighs behind you, heavy with muscle. That’s when you begin to feel a gently swaying, as you gain control of your tail; the cloth pulling your new limb tightly against your body. The waistband tightens around your waist to compensate, the compression nearly winds you as you begin to panic.
“The transformation’s beginning already?” You say to yourself aloud, one arm still completely out of the slick suit beginning to overtake your body. “O-oh!” you can barely contain your surprise. Deep ridges begin to checker along your skin, slowly making their way up to your sides, tingling as the pattern tickles its way along your smooth skin.
Your arms have become rough: a tapestry of diamond scales trailing laterally down the length of your forearms. The material can be heard, pulling tightly around your frame. These newfound sensory organs begin to alter your perception of the room around you, the vibrations of the bustling city can be heard with pristine accuracy through the soles of your feet; you begin to feel the ground slipping beneath you. Your arms becoming sensitive and tingly as if you had pins and needles. Your vision begins to juxtapose various different color palettes that the environment seems to have, though you just naturally seem to be able to differentiate your ultraviolet from your infra-red visual sensors.
Your pits open wide as you take in a deep breath of all the scents surrounding you. Bright colors fill your mind as your Jacobson’s organ is awash in the aroma. The room around you begins to spin, black spots begin to take up your vision.
A chair in the opposite corner of the room catches your eye; you begin to stumble towards it. The anxiety weighing heavy in your chest holds you back as your heavy legs begin to merge into one continuous tube, your attempts to trudge becoming impossible by the heavy weight of your body.
The muscles on your stomach struggle to expand and contract to help you slither forward, your scaley arms reaching out for the chair as you tumble to the ground. The length of your muzzle can be seen in your peripheral vision; it distracts you as you stumble to catch yourself with your hands, still losing your conscience.
Your skin begins to feel tight and firm as the suit finalizes the transformation, your joints almost seem to squeak as you shift your arms around, futilely clawing your way to another piece of furniture, or at least anywhere to sit.
Your body seems to guide itself down to the floor. You lay yourself down gently, minding all the objects around you as to not hit your head, the ground creaks underneath you as your heavy python rib-muscles lay heavy on the floor. The final thing you remember seeing before falling asleep is the thick scaley eye caps lining your vision, tinting your environment a darker hue, matching the deep yellow and browns of your wavy scale pattern.

Written by Driftingdragon on 30 November 2019

The end (for now)
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