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you look at your body and realise that your a kitsune again and the good thing know you can move just you did in you human form


"No I wont let you wiiiin" the second he says that, he starts blasting a constant beam from his hands


you run all over the place making the mage destroy his castle


"that it, we will see how the other kitsune like to be destroyed" he says.


The second he says that your body just moves all on it own, moving in the direction the village is from the mage almost instant like a flash of light


"you will not stop me aaaaaaaaah" the beam is mere second away from until you remember something from the past.


A little boy was crying when you realise that little boy was you "wait i remember this" then a strange man came over to the little boy said "don't worry you have the the most powerful strength even more then magic if is real and remember all you have to do is believe and never give up"


The second the memory fades away you decided that from that day on you would always believe in yourself and never ever give up


You back at the battle scene where a power come rushing out of you in the form of a shield. The shield then says surprisingly
"master you have awakened me I am the being that has been locked in you and I will protect you from from all attacks as long as you believe"


"yes I believe" from the instant you said that a even more powerful force come from within you and you concentrate on a final blow to end this madness


"with this I will protect the people who helped me, who accepted me, and everyone that I care about" with that line being said all the power from your body focused, in one shot the mages magic is being pushed out of the way like dust and the instant the attack in the shape of a sphere it blows up and became like a hurricane in ball


"ha ha you may have beaten me but there are even powerful people good luck ha ha ha aha ha" as this body become dust in the wind


then the dragons came over and said "you have beaten our master please spare us and we will do any thing you say"

Written by leonmagus2 on 26 July 2008

"never attack the kitsune again"

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