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You look out the window and up to the roof contemplating the climb..


The climb is precarious, but you manage, using your deft skills to easily swing onto the very top of the roof. The goal now, you realize, is to not get caught from here. Anyone would be able to see you if you stood right up in plain sight. You duck, crawling around and peeking over the edge of the roof. It’s a good vantage point, but you need to figure out where to go from here. How best to get that artifact from here?


Luckily the statutes are arranged so that there weight is taken by the walls below. The paths go through the statutes in a spiral pattern. The statues on each path go from human on the outside to animal to mythical animal in the very center. On one side of the path the statue are male, on the otherside female.


You are also not the only creature on the roof tonight, each path has a pair of animals on it. They all are walking towards the center along their respective paths


How strange, you realize, that you happened upon this particular area. You recall its use, and reason for being placed right here for the initiates-to provide a sense of ‘balance’ and ‘harmony with nature’ that your master wished to bestow upon all of you. Not that it was any importance to you at this moment. You glance around for a moment, debating just which path to go through. It doesn’t matter, but one path might be clearer than the other...

Written by on 05 January 2016

Both Fox Path
Both Horse Path
Both Fish Path

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