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Because I'm tired of these "You forget you were ever human. Game Over." chapters, that's why! star star star star halfstar

You can see it a few meters in front of you: a dead fish, bobbing near the surface of the water. There's something shiny hanging from its tail, but you couldn't care less about that. You quickly snap it up and get ready to swim away, when you feel a tugging sensation in your mouth, followed by a sharp pain.


Something sharp has dug into your jaw, and is tugging you to the water's surface. You panic. You need to be below the water. The water keeps you safe, keeps you alive! You can't leave it! you try to swim to the bottom of the lake, but that only hurts you even more. After a couple of minutes of struggling, you just don't have the strength to fight this thing anymore.
You are brought to the surface, where you see a huge, monstrous creature waiting for you. As the water starts sliding off your body, however, you have a thought. Isn't that called a human?
You're not sure why, but calling this creature a human seems like a good idea. The human carefully reaches for your mouth, and you consider biting him, but realize it wouldn't do you any good. He gently removes the sharp, shiny thing from your mouth and set you down on a dry surface.
You're drying out further, and you're running out air. You're just about to give up, when suddenly, you can't feel your gills anymore. Something else has taken their place. Something rather familiar. NO! You think, I have never had anything other than gills! I need to get back to the water! With a new-found energy, you desperately try to flip yourself off this thing and back into the water, but stop when you get another thought.
I've had these things before... these, what are they?... Lungs! I've had lungs before, they're perfectly natural... But, why? I've been underwater my whole life...
You look up at a yellow circle above you, feeling the heat coming from it drying your skin even more. It hurts to look at it though, and you wish you had some way of covering your eyes... And you do! You blink.
A rapidly shrinking part of your brain protests this, as well as the swelling of your fins into arms and legs. But the human part of you, gaining strength once again doesn't care. You pick yourself up off the boat's deck as your teeth and mouth shrink back to human proportions.
The fisherman who just saved you from a life as a barracuda then hands you the clothes you discarded when you tried to cross the river, while looking away from your naked body. After putting your clothes back on, you thank the man. He responds...

Written by Lost Yoshi on 04 April 2009

Both "Just don't do it again."

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