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Death is a part of life, eating other creatures is a part of life. Hunting predators for your own pride is not! This is a world where the dead can come back, even if you fall, you get a second chance. You don’t need vengeance, or justice, what you need is harmony, team work, and the right to build yourselves a home.” Whatever community was here before has fallen, Tal, Before you came here, you were among them, weren’t you? Pillaged by the elephant queen, and starving to death under her rule because this – this cow decided to rule with an iron fist rather than genuinely caring for the creatures of this land. Let him go – and let yourselves go. You are now free, and must never let another Ganesha rise up and tell you otherwise.


A lone monkey-man raised his hand in fear. “Are you going to eat us?”


Of course not!” you furrow your brow. “What did I just say?”


“We’re still trying to figure it out too, great elephant-slayer.” A boar woman said, flustered.


“I’m saying you are free. Eat what you want; live how you want; build what you want, make this desolate savanna a town we could be proud to live in!”


The congregation cheered, having been spared. They released Tal, and put together a makeshift celebration in your honor.


“Is it true?” Tal asked, wide-eyed. “did you really kill Ganesha?”


“Of course, I did.” You answer.




You tell him the story of how you were able to kill Ganesha, about how she broke your leg with her trunk, how worried sick you were for him.


“I would have found my way out.” Tal assures you, while blushing. “But…Thanks for everything. I might finally be able to look for my mom again in peace, and I owe that much to you.”


It is so sweet of Tal, it might be the nicest thing he told you yet. You nearly trip on your damaged leg when he catches you. Your eyes meet, he blinks slowly… he leans in towards you, the moment feels right, but your mind is racing. How do tigers even kiss? Do they connect the lips somehow or…?


Before you finish that thought, you feel his affection as he licks your face. It’s strange, but when in rome…

Written by PrinceZahn on 25 November 2017

Now, kiss

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