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Well, you knew you had him wrapped around your finger. Out of all the things you could have done, the one thing you were really sure about was that if you had rolled over and submitted to the leader like a dog, you would instantly get his favor. They were just like wild animals or something anyway, you were a Selkie- definitely somewhere further up the line of evolution. And as someone more evolved than them, you figured that he would easily succumb to your endless charm. He too was charming afterall, ‘birds of a feather’ you thought to yourself as you exposed your belly.
You rolled around for a bit, chirping and flipping your fins in his direction. Before long, you opened your cloudy eyes and you looked up at him. He glared at you in horror as he recoiled.
“And what are you doing?” he asked. For a moment, you looked around and realized you were still in public. Your bribery had not worked at all.
“I… Uh… Uhmmmm.” You were completely flustered and you couldn’t even muster the bravery to reply.
“Yeah, that’s completely inappropriate.” Someone called out from across the water on the ice.
“That’s definitely a bit weird.” the Leader mentioned. “I don’t think that’s acceptable at all.” Soon the others started gathering around you. You could see the scowls of everyone as they looked at you. Your stomach was churning with embarrassment and at that point you had just given up anyway.
“You know what. Uhhh.” Your words caught in your throat as you fought to get your words out. “I’m just going to go.”
And go you did. You swam and swam until you were completely out of energy. You knew that if you went far enough, you could just go out of bounds and reset your game manually. At this point, you knew that was it for you. From your dumb decisions, you figured that this time, you would just go out honorably and die of embarrassment like you were always destined to.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 23 October 2023

The end (for now)

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