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You smile, holding the potion haphazardly between your paw pads; slippery with sweat from a long day’s work. Despite your mother's tone, you shrug, smile, and begin pudding over to her innocently. Before you knew it, you had found yourself falling in -what it seemed like- slow motion. The glass flask separates from your hand as you release it to catch yourself, and in that instant you hear a gasp, the sound of shattering glass, and the full thud of your own body hitting the cold tile ground.
"Oh my God" you hear the harsh judgemental voice of your mother spat out, along with the sound of a firm facepalm as she nearly slapped herself in frustration "what a dumb child". In that instant you regain yourself on the floor, your eye was caught by the dark swirling essence of magic rising from the puddle of spilled fluid. It looked almost evil in nature as the black mist formed dark skulls as it rose; they looked to be screaming.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 June 2020

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