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You decide against your brother’s psychotic plan as you kind of judged him for letting your family be picked off like that. Though you were completely unsure about what you were going to do from here on out. You spent most of the time sulking in your room, barely even able to get out of bed. Though your only solace was to bury yourself deep within those history books you enjoyed so much. After what had happened, you found yourself way more interested in the books, almost to the point where you felt as if you belonged there.
One day your brother approached you, calm and curious, he began to speak to you.
“Hey..” he said awkwardly. The relationship dynamic you two shared had shifted, now leaving you slightly taken aback at the neurotic and almost psychotic mind of your brother. You couldn’t handle the power he was trying to achieve, even if he had done it passively, you figured that you didn’t want to be involved in something so dark. It always ate at you that you would have never fully realized what it was that he wanted out of you, or even what he had to offer, but you decided to actually take the time to listen to him as he continued. “You seemed to spend a lot of time up here in the study. Are you enjoying yourself?” he said, trying not to add to the awkward air of things.
“Yeah things are fine… I like this.” You answer was a bit more reserved, you couldn’t help but think about the things he could do to you given the nature of what he let happen to your parents. You decided to keep your responses short and sweet, in fear of retaliation on his end.
“How would you like a job as a bookkeeper here?” he asked you, almost jolting you out of your more quiet state of mind.
“What? Really?!” The excitement began filling your voice, even he could notice how your eyes lit up at the idea of spending more time in the study. You never knew that you could have lived such a fulfilling life right in a single room, yet you were now able to go anywhere you pleased while doing so. “Yeah I think I’ll do that!” Not wanting any more random excitement in your life, you had decided to spend the rest of your days managing and organizing the books of the castle.
The time had passed with you barely even remembering your initial journey, and you lived out your days in that room going on your own adventure, but not the kind you had expected from the beginning. Your satisfaction with this peaceful life had kept you going until the very end of your days, living as a now powerless princess, as you watched your brother rule as king, from the shadows you were completely satisfied with your books, and until the very end, you were there for the books, and they were there for you.

Written by Driftingdragon on 13 May 2020

The end (for now)

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