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It's the year 2062 and earth is in ruins. In 2059 first contact was made with an alien race in the nearby proxima centauri system. Unfortunately they were not friendly in the least. The alien race, known as the Radinri, pride themselves on being the greatest hunters in the known universe. The catlike Radinri people are centauroid in nature. Their lower bodies are well built, full feline frames loosely based on the panthera genus. (e.g. lions, tiges, leopards, etc.) The Radinri were originally a humanoid race but over time genetically altered their offspring to continually improve their innate hunting abilities.


The Radinri originally had very little interest in earth as most of its more savage creatures (the dinosaurs) they long ago wiped out. However the new mammallian creatures that they expected to be excellent training grounds for their young warriors were being driven into recession and extinction by the spread of humanity. A spread they felt must be stopped.


The Radinri attacked on March 4th, 2060, and within 3 days almost every major city on earth was destroyed. Over half of earth's population was slain in the initial attack. Now the Radinri have landed and are hunting down the hiding humans to ensure their training grounds are never again put at risk....




The Radinri are mostly callous toward humans. Not every Radinri is going to have sympathies to a human though some may.


The Radinri use laser weaponry to stun or kill. They use a device that straps to a victim's wrist to transform them. Transformed humans usually become another mammal species though occasionally aquatic, avian, or reptilian creatures occur.


The Radinri occasionally will convert healthy, strong humans into Radinri (though human converted Radinri have fully human upper bodies while some Radinri have feline appearing upper bodies)


There is no magic. Radinri use their 'wristwatch' transformation devices to turn humans into animals and special tanks on their ships to turn them into Radinri.


Humans transformed into Radinri retain their personality and memories. Humans transformed into animals may experience -mild- instincts but will not be completely overtaken by them. Humans transformed into animals may still speak.


Radinri technology is well developed. There are no 'accidents'. Meaning no snakepigs or half dog half fish type creatures are developed.


No unnatural creatures: spirits, demons, etc.


Radinri do not accept humans as allies unless the human is converted to a Radinri and even then they're considered to be part of the lower caste.


A few other notes:


This is meant to be an actual story rather than a frenetically paced ordeal of one transformation after another. Please treat it as such.


If a watch is removed mid change, then the change stops


Also, based on the way this story is set up there are four character types that may be played.






Humans turned into animals


Humans turned into Radinri


Please feel free to explore all of these :)