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Having listened to the queen you’ve decided to make your way to the nursery. Most of your fellow ants have strived to make it to this point in their career, being able to tend to the following generation’s wellbeing. And on top of this, the culture of your particular colony tend to have extra uses for the young in their brood of infants. As you have done for most of this adventure, you pace your way through more endless tunnels of rocky dirt roads, spanning across countless grassy fields, beautifully glowing mold colonies and high up structures weaved in a white substance hanging high above you. Your mind wondering if the colony even made the beautiful winding figures above.
After a few hours of walking in your antline you’ve taken the time to think about your experience, your friends and interactions with the various ant personality types on this adventure. You consider the advice given to you from the queen, how could you have known what your role is as an ant so soon?
You almost feel worried about the next task that they could have for you. What could possibly be the best thing about taking care of the infants of the colony? The maggots of your younger siblings wriggle around all day and spit out creamy goo that the colony uses to consume? They consume extra of the reserves and of course, grow into workers, but until then they’re just annoying, you can’t seem to wonder what you’d be missing out if you decided to not take part.
Finally, you stand before a wide cavernous entrance to the nursery of the colony. Inside you can see multiple writhing masses resembling long grains of rice, their heads are a dark brown with two pincers for their own consumption. They thrash their bodies left and right as thick strings of drool hangs from their gaping mouths.
Upon taking a closer look you realize that the strings pointing from their mouths aren’t spit, but silk! Instantly you use your smarts to realize what kind of ant colony you’ve found yourself in. After so long you’ve realized that you’re weaver ants! Memories from your early high school career remind you that your specific species of ant can weave silk and leaves in order to build structures. With that logic you can use the youngsters to build yourself a new costume!
Your skinny twig-like limbs grabs one of the fatty babies, gently squeaking upon feeling the pressure of your hands. It squirts a bit of the soft silk onto your hands. You examine the stringy masses between your fingers. The sticky mixture makes it easy for you to craft an adequate new outfit of your choosing, and after a few hours of hard work and dedication you find yourself beholding a brand new outfit you hope to continue your transformation with.
The silky smooth material feels cool against your rough carapace as you slide it over the long skinny limbs of your current body. The excitement of your next adventure tugs playfully at your stomach as you adorn your next outfit.

Written by Driftingdragon on 01 January 2020

The end (for now)
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