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“Dani?” she heard her mom say.


Daniel squeaked and pulled her panties up and found something her way. She looked over her shoulder and saw her bushy tail, which wagged in excitement. She hadn’t even noticed it before because it felt so natural in its movements and existence, just as the fact that she was
a girl was seeming less and less unnatural. It was harder to think of there not being a cleft down before or a pair of firm breasts above that swayed with each of her harried breasts. She whimpered again.


“Danielle,” she heard her mom say, closer now. “Are you okay?”


Danielle blinked, and found it impossible not to think of that as her name. Danielle--it was a near natural alteration, though in her mind it had never really changed.


The anthro vixen turned around and blushed as she found herself face to face with her mother--her very human mother and here she stood as something she didn’t think she really was. She blushed deeper as she covered up her breasts with her arms.


“Danielle,” her mother said. “What’s going?”


“Mom,” Danielle said. “I’m a girl.”


Her mother nodded. “Of course you are. You’re my daughter.”


Danielle nearly whimpered again, but now she no longer felt fearful. Her mother found it perfectly normal, so why shouldn’t she? Even if something was wrong with reality, she was a vixen at the moment.


“Yeah, yeah,” she said, nodding. “I...I’m sorry, mom. Just a bad dream.”


Her mother nodded again and smiled.


“Maybe it’s the final step of getting over that bug!”


“Yeah.” Danielle nodded too. “That must be it. Well...night, mom! I promise I’ll get up on time tomorrow!”


“Why? Tomorrow’s the weekend.”


Danielle laughed softly and nodded again. “Of course. Sorry to disturb you, mom.”


“No worries.”


And with that they hugged. For the first time, Danielle felt her soft breasts pressing against someone else even if her body told her it wasn’t. It felt ok, but what really felt good was just the warmth in her mom’s hug. She felt better after they were through with it. Afterwards, her mom left wordlessly and Danielle surrendered to sleep once more.


Danielle dreamt that night of the green glow and Area 50, though the glow was much diminished and Area 50 seemed full of shadows. Before she knew it, it all faded away and she had a dreamless sleep from there.


The vixen woke up early and found her room much the same, though the clothes in her draws were girlier. She also looked again at her driver’s license, and this time it matched current reality. It showed her as the vixen she was, and her sex was marked as female upon it along with her name officially being “Danielle.” She thought of her dream and knew what to do.

Written by skiesofsilver on 15 April 2017

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