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Daniel turned away from those expecting eyes. Choosing the safer choice of the pounding showers. She could hear the heavy sigh behind her. It was heavy, and weigh on her back. It was his disappointment. Expectation. Sucked. They sucked in school, but here. They weighed a hell of a lot more, and it crushed your chest. Daniel couldn't take it.
“Matthew,” Daniel turned around, but he was gone. Daniel looks around the empty space. It was a lonely feeling. “I should have asked.” Daniel whispered her regrets. Without a tinge of relieve from them. She turned back around and dredged herself to the showers. Daniel felt her tail dragging on the ground behind her. Next time she would ask, next time she would go, even if she had to cling to that red tail of his.
Daniel was the only female dragon, so she had the showers to herself. Tails made the average showers useless. Well humans didn't have tail, so what was she to expect from them? This one was the width of three, open to a simple white tile room; and with five shower heads. If you saw this in a house, you would have some dirty thoughts about what it was for. At least the males would. Daniel wasn't to sure about the girls... Pam would, and now her; so in the end boys and girls weren't so different. Daniel slipped out of her workout shorts.
They're made for the tail to sit comfortably on the band on the back. She thought at first that her butt would slip out. They, her and Matthew, didn't have to worry about shoes. Cottony soft scales were along the bottoms of her foot. Giving better traction, and protection than any name brand runner. Her scale were doing it right. Daniel snickered at her own joke.
Crossing her arms under her sports bra to take it off. Breasts, as a man she loved them. The bigger the better. As a woman? Her large bust sprung free of the spandex/polyester confinement. Her boobs, nice; she loved the dark purple of her shoulder shading out to the delicate pink buds.
Daniel would omit she felt them up when she first got the chance. Not every high-school guy got the chance to experience that. They were a handful, tender, sensitive, and everything else she dreamed they could be. They were also heavy. Daniel stretched, reaching her claws to the ceiling.
“I'll have to get stronger to handle the load.” Daniel muttered to herself. Waking under the facets turned them on, and Daniel raised her face to the rain of warmth streaking down her face. “I heard that exercise makes them smaller though.” Daniel closed her eyes and swooshed her tail around to get the full experience of the hard pound of heat. It would have bruised her skin before with scales? It was right.
“M mm,” Daniel moaned and flexed her back to get the full hit on her chest. With the change she found it hard to generate heat. The shower was a blissful place of warmth. That didn't involve a thousand thin army issue blankets made into a nest in her room. Matthew said that would change once she developed herself. She would gain control of her flame.
“That day couldn't come fast enough.” Daniel sighed wistfully, she should work harder. She turned stretched her tail to get a full back soak. “I'll run a few laps after my shower. Get my stamina up without Matthew around.” Daniel continued to muse with her eyes closed. Then she could surprise him.
“I'll work hard while his gone and leave him in my dust when he returns.” First though she had ever intention of enjoying her shower. With more workouts; she'll get more showers. A win-win really. Humming Daniel continued to turn and stretch. Until ever inch of her was steamy hot, and a fog developed in the shower room.

Written by psto1464 on 25 December 2019

The end (for now)

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