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Your powerful feline eyes focused on a specific switch ‘disengage’ as well as a few of the flashing red buttons. ‘Retract’ and ‘Anchor’. For some reason, these things seemed to make the most sense to you. You steeled your mind for the task at hand- despite the ground quickly coming closer to the chopper as it turned through the sky, just barely in your control.
“AahhH!” you screamed as it began to shake around even more.
“Attaboy kiddo!” He yelled back over at you. The pilot’s eyes were still completely focused on the ground below.
“W-What did I do?!” You responded. It didn’t seem like he could have heard you, his headset was mounted tightly on his head and the massive change in air pressure made it almost impossible for you to hear him as well. You just continued to pull upwards, helping him to maintain stability as the helicopter quickly careened into the ground.
“Maday! We’re going down! We’re going down. Charleston to HQ. Mark location. We’re headed straight towards the tombs!” From all of the banter, that was one of the only things you caught clearly- even with your powerful feline ears twitching above your head.
“The tombs?” You thought to yourself. “Does he mean…” A cold lump of anxiety sank in your stomach as you wondered what he could have meant by that. For a moment, you thought you were all doomed. Your eyes scanned the horizon, wondering if this was the last sunset you were ever going to see. Suddenly, you realized what he was talking about as you gazed outside of the window.
It was a bit hard for you to actually comprehend the view, as the chopper struggled to stay oriented. Spinning out of control made it much harder to see the giant pyramid shaped structure in the distance.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 04 December 2021

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