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And so introductions would go, trying to help anyone new settle into the strange four-legged form faster than the original players had, which only made their structures faster to re-build. Aided by hammers and pitchforks, they had just started attempts at making an entire wall.


It wasn't an easy process.


"Why don't we just tie these sticks together and put them on top of a rock pile? That's essentially a wall and roof right?"


"Oh fuck! There's a mongrel!"


Then, right in front of their eyes, all the preparation and building was destroyed as one of the hairy, ground-hugging canine-esque attack dogs threw itself into their camp. Teeth stained with spilled blood glinted from their mouths. Chaos flooded their space, defense taking importance over building and another afternoon would be lost to rebuilding again.


It became a montage, set to the sounds of wailing souls and wind in equal portions, of flickering scenes of stacking carefully formed clay bricks into walls, watching them crumble in the dim light of falling evening, sleeping restlessly on hard straw cots, and waking to repeat it all again.


Finally, on God knows what day, a spark broke the endless gray dullness.


A thundering roar shredded through the perimeter of camp, turning all attention to its source. A towering Ettin stomped towards camp. His size dwarfed the chakrats, standing well above them from his raised stance.


"Giant! Giant!" Came the warning shouts around the small camp, everyone began to race to and fro, grabbing their spears and taking off in sprints to face the beast. However, one worker, set much to close to the giant, caught his attention from behind the half-build stack of his to-be wall.


"Garrggghhh!" The ettin crowed, leaning suddenly towards the builder with outreached fingers, but with a sudden crumble, the feline kicked over his wall and the stones tumbled down atop the tall creature. Shrieks, bursting shouts of pain left the burly beast's mouth, but he stilled eventually beneath the broken shards of rock.


"W-we killed it!" A cheer burst forth from everyone who'd watched the wall fall- almost in slow motion.


"That's it! Traps!"

Written by Picklessauce69 on 14 February 2017

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