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In the main room, Pammy sits in waiting as Gassan finally makes it back to her. Gassan’s head begins to feel strange.


Use it. Use that gun… impress her. She’ll think it’s really cool.


“What? Did you…” Gassan says, looking at Pammy who is still looking for her phone.


“Gassan! There you are… I can’t see too well. This light… it flickers. I can’t find my cell, help me look?”


Help her?


Forget It.




“You know,” Gassan says, “there’s something I want to show you. I found it in the closet down one of the hallways. I wish to show you now!”


Gassan takes the gun out of his jeans pocket.


“What is it? I can’t see it,” Pammy says, squinting, crawling a little closer to Gassan.


Shoot her. Show her what it is… shoot her.


Gassan’s hand shakes as his mind is taken over. His thoughts are suddenly not his own.

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 06 May 2015

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