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Daniel turned to the right and proceeded down the hallway. Jake could handle himself with Gassan. Dave was a good friend, but Pam was her real concern. She was her girlfriend. Daniel ran as quickly as she could, finding that the shape of her legs allowed for great speed. Following the smell of Pam and Dave, he came to an intersection. A quick wiff showed they split up, which wasn't something smart to do in a strange place. Going after Pam's scent, Daniel ran further and faster than humanly possible after her girlfriend. She was important to him.


Seconds became minutes as she ran, then heard a high pitched scream. It sounded just like Pam.


"Pam!" Daniel yelled, trying to go faster. "I'll save you!" She cried out, following the scent into a room, the door broken and wide open.


Daniel stopped just inside, and looked around, but found it was too dark to see. She blinked, squinting, and suddenly found her vision clearing, the room appearing to get brighter, some things glowing. It took a second for Daniel to realize that her vision changed to allow her to see body heat.


"This should help." 217 said in Daniel's mind.


Daniel nodded, and scanned the room, but only saw trash all over the room. "Pam!" She screamed. "Pam, where are you?"


Walking through the room, she tried to find anything that could tell her where Pam was. The smell of her girlfriend was so strong in the room, but there was nothing to say that Pam had left.


"Daniel, crotch down and place your ear against the floor."


"What? Why would I do that? I need to find Pam." Daniel said, confused.


"Just do it. You can hear and feel vibrations with your fin like ear."


Daniel looked around the room, and finding nothing else to do, complied. She kneeled down and placed her head on the floor, ear pressing against it. The sensation was intense. She could almost feel the entire building. Every sound, ever motion, was causing vibration against the floor, and she could feel it. Daniel had read that snakes could feel the smallest vibration a mile away, but this was cool. She could feel Jake and Gassan on the other side of Area 50, while Dave was just sitting. But, what Daniel found weird was that he was feeling a ton of vibration coming from under the facility. And the sounds, the frequency of the vibrations made it seem like there was a lot of machines, a lot of electronics, and people. Lots and lots of people. That shouldn't have been possible. Area 50 was suppose to be abandoned.


Daniel stood up, confused. "What's going on here?" She looked around the room.


"It appears Area 50, as you call it, isn't as abandoned as it would seem." 217 said. "Daniel, can you give me a name? You haven't called me anything, and I feel that by having an identity that you give me will make you feel that I'm really here."


Daniel stopped and gave a blank look. "A name? I don't know. Any preference?"




"Okay. Um.... How about... Michelle?"


"That will do. I'll be called Michelle." The voice said.


"Alright, Michelle, what do we do now?" Daniel asked.


"I would recommend we get your friends out of here. The ones that are still around that you can find."


"Any way to speed this up?"


"There is... but... It would involve a few things. Splitting you into 2, and that can leave you feeling a little cold."


"What? I don't think I could handle being in two places at once."


"Oh, not exactly. You will still be you. I would be controlling the second body. My mind and perception would be split amongst both that body and with you, but mostly my mind. My senses would mainly be in the other body though."


"It would? Really?"


"Yup. You want to do it? Double our resources at the expense of a few things."


"Um.... No. Not now." Daniel walked out of the room, her tail trailing behind her.


"Understood. Let me know when you need something." Michelle said as Daniel's vision changed back to normal.

Written by Universal6 on 29 January 2012

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