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Current Form: Red Fox
Current Gender: Male
Current Stature: Feral
Nights in this form: 0
Mentality status: 100%
Total nights: 0
Current time: 1:00


You pad quietly across the large and drafty foyer, quite shaken from the sudden change, but determined to continue on without delay. Coming to a large door, you push yourself up against it. You are greeted by a low groan as the door opens up about a foot.


Beyond the door is a long hallway with tall windows on one side and several wooden doors on the other. Moonlight strikes the long, blue rug that covers the length of the hallway and causes the dust hanging in the air to shimmer. The silence is so complete, that you can hear the sound of your heart beating at a quickened pace compared to that of the human you once were.


You sit down to contemplate your next step. There are four doors on the right hand wall and one at the end of the hall.


10 minutes have passed.

Written by neonsilver on 15 September 2015

Both Go through the door at the end of the hallway
Both Take the first door on the right.

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