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You giggle and smile brightly after you sniffed the fox's nose. You think that now, you should be able to speak with other foxes now.


"Hi." You say to the male fox.


"Hello there. So, you got in this place and got transformed into a fox too?" The male fox says.


"Yeah..." You say sadly.


"And from your scent, you seem that you used to be a male..." The male fox realizes. You smile innocently. "It's okay, I used to be a female. You're not alone."


"How long have you been here?" You ask.


"10 days." The male fox answeres. "Only 5 more days till my mind is half male fox and half female human."


"Oh you poor soul...I have like, less than 15 days till my mind is 50% Vixen and 50% Male Human..." You say with pity, rubbing the fox.


"But I don't mind. Hey, I've been having dreams about becoming a fox, might as well have it come true." The fox says.


"Oh, me too! I've been having dreams about becoming a vixen!" You say happily.


"If you don't mind me asking...did you ever have a dream where you also had a mate?" The fox asked. You pause.


"Yes, I have, once...did you want to be my mate?" You answer. You notice the fox chuckle. You then giggle at that. "Let's just be friends, and see where that goes."

Written by Rikki on 08 November 2008

Male Ask for his name and explore the mansion together.

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