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The dark path is just too foreboding, and it’s be stupid to go where your visibility would be so reduced. You pivot over towards the path that's lit with lanterns.


“This way, come on. Let’s hope we find something soon so we can get out of here!”


Baal clunks on right behind you as you curl around the cave, following closely to the wall to get the maximum assistance from the sparse lighting. As you come around the bend, the path leads into a large clearing, but as soon as you round into the room, you come face to face with four gnarling goblins.


“Mat! Dhuuch! Daan shuuch taan or tarthuul!” The creature gave a guttural sound, almost like laughter as he heaved a heavy battle axe up above his shoulder, preparing to lunge into an attack.


At the same time, the other raised a spear with a squeaking gnarl, “Kaar't mech daan tokhel dar ac or daal dhuur tokhaar!” The one beside him responded by rubbing his stomach and bobbing his head enthusiastically.


“How rude-” Baal muttered, shrinking back into the tunnel slightly as he drew his weapon.


“What?!” You blurt back at him, yanking out your sword. Before he could respond, the goblins all attack at once, an axe and spear each thrusting towards the two skunk taurs.


You dodge out of the way of the axe, seeing the silver of it glint past your face in slow motion close enough that some of the dried blood on its edge flaked off onto your bottom lip before your shoulder dropped out from its path and you scooted to the side.


You skittered into the main room, trying to give yourself more space to dodge within, but Baal isn’t able to get out from around his two attackers. You stare back at him, contemplating whether you should help.


Written by Picklessauce69 on 15 July 2017


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