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Jake's eyes darted back and forth. Something was going to happen, he could just feel it. He quickly counted heads... everyone was there.
The quiet was broken by screams coming from the far end of the city. It sounded like howls. Howls of an unnatural nature.
Jake knew what it was immediately. They looked at him for leadership, but he felt powerless to do anything. There was no time to run back to the building or barricade a street, the howls were growing louder and coming from multiple directions. The only thing that he could do was order everyone to group up and back slowly towards the highway.
The situation looked bleak. He somehow had managed to keep everyone alive this long and now they were all going to die because of his poor decision making. It didn't help that most of them had lost all their supplies during the last attack and were unable to run.
Jake felt an enormous weight on his shoulders. The only thing getting him through this was the knowledge that he couldn't let himself die, he had to keep everyone alive somehow.
Just a little longer...
The howls grew louder until they were almost directly overhead. Jake looked up and could barely make out figures jumping from building to building.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 26 January 2021

The end (for now)
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