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Immediately after, you locate the king’s beer bowl, filled with the thick aromatic alcohol from earlier. You look around, searching for something hard to crush the seeds against. Instantly, you look to the tan brick walls of the palace, and crush the tiny hard balls into the wall with your thumb, letting out a pungent smelling liquid. You quickly pour the substance into the ancient beer. With a quick stir, you mix it well enough to go undetected in the black tar-like drink. You anxiously mix the thick brown mixture over the crushed seeds within before preparing yourself fully to enter the room behind him.
You can hear his footsteps as he approaches his bedroom door. Your stomach begins to drop as you feel the skimpy clothes hanging loosely on your revealed body, the opulent silks tickled your sensitive bare skin. The anxiety churns your stomach as you dread yourself being seen in this by someone like the pharaoh. A sliver of light expands as you watch the door swing open on its hinges and you watch as the pharaoh emerges, shirtless, and wrapped in a towel.
"Bastet, come" the kings booming voice echoed through his massive chambers. You reluctantly walk forward, disgusted with yourself, you understand you need to play the part in order to make it out alive.
"Yes my dear" you reply, bringing him his ancient beer. You skillfully remained unaffected by your treacherous plan, only trying to play the part and survive. "Here is your special drink my love" you continued.
Your mind knows nothing of the relationship you may have had with the king, though you can tell by his response that your presence brought him an untold kind of satisfaction. His intent was clear as he reached out his massive clawed hand to grab you firmly around your waist. His gripping hands wrapped around your slender frame, pulling you forcefully closer against his sweaty musty fur.
"Bastet we must celebrate your return my love. Now that you've finally accepted my forgiveness, you can return to your old life back in the palace." He takes a sip of his drink between his monologues. "Ever since you betrayed me, things just haven’t been the same around here..." his speech slowly became slurred and unnatural as his breaths grew more labored with every passing moment. “You never… Ne-Nev…”
You watch in silence as he tries to continue, gulping down more of the thick dark liquid to wash away his coughing, to no avail. Coughing up the black fluids, he struggled to get each swallow of the beer down, reaching and gesturing at you to fetch another thing for him to drink. His pupils shrank as he felt his body begin to shut down. Your cold slit eyes met his as he stumbled forward, reaching at you for support.
The tile beneath you made a quiet sound as you gently took a step backwards to avoid his grasp as he fell to his knees in front of you. In an instant he realized what's going on; the king curses to the best of his ability as his throat swells, asphyxiating him to death on the floor. Small trails of vomit flowed from his mouth as his twitching body is choked of its life before your eyes.

Written by Driftingdragon on 10 January 2020


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