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A Vixen Miner's Life emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to play along and ask coyly, "So you follow me?"


Bragho shakes his hands nervously and stutters, "Not like that! I mean, it is, but it isn't!"


You've had girlfriends who you've said those same things to. Especially when you've been trying to get in their pants. You decide to attempt a reversal to get more of your life's story. "So who gave you the nickname 'Bragho'?"


"You did when you complained all I did was brag about my conquests." He pulls back his lips to show his fangs. You wonder if he is laughing.


"So what's my nickname?"


"Curves," he says succinctly. "We tried 'Tease' until we found out the truth." His eyes are now fixing themselves on your chest.


You figure you have some options:
1) This is your fantasy come true, well, maybe aside from being female. I'm a successful miner and have an active sex life! Sign me up!


2) I'm a guy and I know what he wants! Sometimes the foreman just has to get a little medieval. Let's see how much this body hits the gym, fist to face style!


3) "Bragho, stop trying those lame moves on me and get to work! After, maybe, you show me my office or the lady's room?"


4) I'll do to him what other women have done to me: Pull their shirt in front of their breasts, kick me in the nuts, and leave me in pain. I got to find a way to survive being female until the time is up or find a suitably painless way to die so I can get another costume.

Written by minerva on 30 December 2007

The end (for now)

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