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“Up yours!” You say to your mother in a sassy teenage tone before splashing it on her face as if it were an alcoholic beverage. A shrill scream echoed throughout the room as your mother's fur clung to her skin and started to melt away. The queen pawed at her face to try rubbing off the skin and fur from her face. Slowly, you begin to notice the pale pink flesh beneath. When her screaming and clawing had finally died down, your affixed eyes noticed a human face, hidden behind furs as if she was wearing a fursuit. Your mouth hung agape as you watched your mother’s face of terror fade to one of a searing rage.
Her true identity had been revealed, and she was mad about that. In a flash she began attacking you, her sharp claws scraped in your direction. In your tustle the two of you had knocked over several bottles, potions, and machinery, causing a loud commotion which caught the attention of some of the guards. The bursted through the door like a strong wind, jolting both you and your mother from your tooth-and-claw battle royale.
“Look at what she did to me!” your mother screamed, her human form partially exposed to the guards. In that moment you knew that they had known a long time prior, and had helped to conceal her identity. The guards roughed you up some more before dragging you off into the dungeon, without any word to your father or brother. You hung your head low knowing that your mother would conceal not only her identity to them, as she did before, but also the happenings of tonight’s lab working.
You spent the rest of your life buried deep in the dungeon of the castle, rotting away as you think to yourself for days on end about where you went wrong.

Written by Driftingdragon on 14 June 2020

The end (for now)

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